Oh yeah, I’m suppose to be posting every day….

After scrolling through my widget bar to see if I could cut down on the few of them I found my “Post a Day 2014 Blogger” badge lurking there smashed in the middle of nowhere. Oh right. I was going to post every day for 2014. So much for that.

Originally I had planned for that badge to be on the top so that I would be constantly reminded of the fact that I had to post. kinda forgot about that. But to be honest, I’m not that far behind in my posts. I’ll double post for a couple days and everything will be fine. Right? (Right here, you should just nodded and play along.) I just missed two days in February and a couple in March. I’ll fix that ASAP and we’ll all be happy family.

Why I’m telling even you this? Who cares anyways?

(Well, I care.)


2 thoughts on “Oh yeah, I’m suppose to be posting every day….

  1. I often set goals to wrote and post more but time is always a factor. What I do is start writing a bunch of different ones as I think of subjects and add to them when I can. Then when I have some time to post one I have several to choose from that just need some finishing touches! : )

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