IQ Bothers Me

IQ tests bother me. Not just the fakes one that you find online that claim to “test your IQ in minutes!” and end up not telling you anything. Either that, or they start asking for your personal info and then things start getting sketchy. Even the real IQ tests annoy me.

Sometimes, I think we weigh IQ a little too heavily. There is one incident engraved in my mind that I’m still bitter about and it’s made me hate IQ tests ever since.

In my elementary and middle schools, there was a program for “mentally gifted children”. Now, I put that in quotes because truth be told, who knows if they’re truly mentally gifted? So back then I wasn’t stupid either (not saying that I’m stupid now or anything). My parents wanted me to get in. So I was given a test that was irrelevant to anything in the world to take. It was a test of around 16 problems. They were all multiple choice and basically, I was given 4 pictures/diagrams/symbols and I was to figure out which one came next in the pattern. What did this have to do with anything that I would ever need to know and just how is this suppose to test my mental capabilities for doing things such as reading and understanding a book like Adventures of Tom Sawyer in third grade?

To be honest, I did not take that test very seriously. If I had really just sat and and tried to figure the last few out, I very well could have done so. Apparently that did not come to me back then and I just simply did not even try. If I couldn’t see the answer in one glance, I figured I’d probably never the see the answer. How unfortunate. So naturally, the first time I took it (which was like 3rd or 5th grade) I didn’t get in. Bah, whatever. I’m still just as smart and anyways, the people in that class were all snobby. I would have never liked it in there.

The second time came in sixth (or seventh, I can’t remember) grade. My parents wanted me to get into this gifted program again (which I didn’t really care for anyways) and I took the test once again. For the record, my IQ is not low (after attempting to take an IQ test real quickly just to see what it might be, I ended up unable to see my scores because I had to pay even though it said that IT WAS FREE). I didn’t get in again. I didn’t even try on the last few problems. I finished the entire test in 30 minutes and the teacher looked at me all surprised. Yeah of course I’d finish early, I wasn’t even trying.

I’ve got a thing against IQ tests now. Not to mention, a high IQ never means you’ll succeed. There are plenty of examples of people with IQ’s who didn’t know how to communicate with other people and ended up not so well. In Outliers: The Story of Success (Which is a pretty interesting read. I highly recommend if you’re looking for a new view on success. It expresses some interesting views.), it is said that while yes, you can’t be stupid, after a certain IQ number, everything evens out. People with an IQ of 120 and 140 (if, let’s pretend, that the said threshold was to be around 100) wouldn’t have much of a social difference. It’s like you can fill a cup of water up. But once it reaches the brim, it’s reached the brim.

Sometimes, children get turned into walking trivia machines that do nothing but spurt random trivia that they neither understand or care to understand. But they’ve been told to memorize it, so they do and it knocks the life out of them.

So in the end, I say forget about IQ. Great, you have and IQ of 200. I don’t care. Go work on your social skills them.


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