A Deceptive Mind: Chapter 2.3

(AN: Sorry about shortness. Needed a scene in the castle, but needed it brief. I promise a long battle scene next week to make up for this.)

In the distance, inside a deeply surrounded city, a tall man stood outside on the edges of the city walls, gazing in the distance, hiding the worry that darkened his heavy eyes. A high pitched screech drew his attention to an eagle that glided down to his arm, a message attach to its leg.

“Let’s see if you bring good or bad news.” He said with a small smile, unscrolled the message and scanned it quickly. His dark eyes lightened a little with hope. “Its good news alright.”

He quickly scrawled out a return message and stepped off the city wall, throwing the letter into a fire on his way.

“Gather the men!” He shouted. “We move at nightfall.”

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