They say that a penny saved is penny earned, that power comes in numbers. They say that every man on Earth is important, that everything counts. But really to think about it, is that actually true? A man can get killed easily by a scorpion, but up against a grasshopper mouse, a scorpion becomes defenseless. Yet, a grasshopper mouse is no threat to a human. It’s a rock-paper-scissors cycle. So the question is, are we quite so high above as we think we are?

After seeing Captain Phillips the other day, my first reaction was an overwhelming realization that my A’s and B’s for school would be completely useless if I were to ever be thrown into a boat invaded by armed Somali pirates. My second realization was that if that had been a Chinese ship and the captain a Chinese captain, honest to god, they would have been dead the moment those Somali pirates stepped onto the ship. It’s amazing how 4 men armed with scraps of metal can put the lives of twenty men hidden within a much bigger scrap of metal in so much danger. It’s also amazing how one extra sentence or word changed the situation from imminent death to one with a glimpse of hope.

Everyone is important because without McDonald workers, you would have no McDonalds, or without farmers, you would have no food. If you really wished to take it even further, claiming that serial killers reduce the population isn’t exactly wrong either, but on the other hand, the argument can be made that actually, not everyone is important. If one day an alien arrived and claimed that only 60 humans out of all 7 billion were allowed to live and that everyone else had to die, surely not a single McDonalds worker would be picked. Thus is the sad nature of man.

Have you noticed that there are people that you meet every day, but that you’ll never actually notice? They’re just not important enough for you to notice, but on the other hand, without them, how inconvenient would life become?


2 thoughts on “Art Thou IMPORTANT?

  1. First, I want to say that I like this post, I saw Captain Phillips when it was released and loved it (I actually saw it again too). Second, I have to thank you for one of the things you said in this post and that is about getting A’s &B’s not mattering in certain situations in life. I needed to read this today. : )

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