Those Idiots

I recently read a blog post on one of the blogs that I had been following and can I say, I was quite deeply infuriated. I’m not going to mention what the post was about or any names because that’s not my point. The internet’s a free place, if they want to express their completely invalid and ignorant opinion, I couldn’t care less. But really, I’m getting quite sick and tired of this.

There are two types of assholes, of which I still can’t tell which one makes me more angry, the one who knows he’s an asshole and doesn’t care to act any more politely or the one that doesn’t even realize that he’s acting like an asshole. Both annoy the hell out of me and really I’ve come to realize that reasoning with an asshole is like trying to teach a homeless man about calculus and then proceed to expect him to become a world famous mathematician. It just doesn’t happen.

But nonetheless, I’m still deeply annoyed by assholes and sometimes, I can’t help but throw in an angry comment. The few times I’ve done that has always ended up with long novel length comments wrapped around a couple points that are quite obviously wrong on their part, but they can’t seem to understand. And here I was once wasting my time trying to reason with an idiot on how claiming oneself to be “bring justice and peace to the world” generally means that you’re a phony, which wasn’t even the point of his post. Well guess what, his counter comment went something like this: “Well, I’m trying to bring justice and peace to blog-sphere and help the victims of those succumbed to such injustices… etc.”

Ok. I’d like you to give me one example of someone you know in real life personally who claims to be bring peace and justice to his people and has successfully done it. And famous people don’t count. Now, I’m not saying that he hasn’t changed from then, but honestly, boy, you need to understand how stupid you sound when you say that. They say “dream big”, but this is going way too big. (This happened a while back in case you were wondering and it’s not something I really want to think about anymore. I’m still angry at him too.)

Sometimes, assholes get all worked up about some petty thing that was originally a good-natured thought.  And then they claim the other to be cowardly, stupid, and any other word they can think of. I’ve seen it. I find it ridiculous. And really, seriously? How much more immature can you be for someone simply disagreeing with you?

There is specifically one person I do want to write about. But I won’t. I won’t even reveal his/her gender. Just know that there is someone out there that I in particularly despise. They probably don’t even know either.


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