Scattering Ideas

My life is so distracting. After finally getting over my major Daylight Time Savings hangover, I can’t concentrate anymore. I have all these ideas zipping around my head literally like a cloud of annoying sparkling fleas. They’re good because they make me seem magical, but I can’t catch any of them, so they’re no use to me. Plus you really can’t concentrate with flying sparkling fleas buzzing around you.

Ok, well, they’re not really fleas, but you get the point. My brain’s too overflowed with random trivial snippets of thought that contribute nothing to my life and I’m dying from it.

Not literally.

You can very obviously tell because I’ve been really twitchy lately (not that any of you would know since none of you know me in real life). I just can’t stay still. I don’t know why and yoga did not help me. I couldn’t even sit down to write a blog post because I knew I would end up starting one and never finishing it. I swear I’m going to go crazy.

So I’ve been trying to find anything (other than StumbleUpon, which works in distracting me, but doesn’t solve the problem; I’m still all twitchy after I get off it) that might get me to settle down and so far I’ve found no effective cure. It just comes and goes as it pleases.

It sucks. Really.

I’m gonna go write a poem.

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