A Deceptive Mind: Chapter 2.5

Thus did the war at HeiLi end.

Of the hundred men that escaped via the mountains, less then half survived the climb. But that was better than nothing. They escaped with barely enough rations. If only they had left a couple days earlier, maybe everything would have been better.

After retreating, the Hyang troops left the area immediately. Everything was cleaned up and packed within an hour, the plain was just as empty as before with no traces that an army had once set their camp there.

The news of victory (somewhat) rose the hopes of the citizens of the Hyang Empire and a victory celebration was held in honor of all the men who fought bravely in the war and of all the men who made it over the mountains. Hanto was congratulated for his bravery in war, but Charlotte’s input in the entire plan was all but kept silent. No one knew of this mysterious woman who showed up out of no where to give advice to the Emperor. No one but the Emperor’s closest advisors.

Hanto believed that this was the perfect way to end this war. He was one step closer to his goal of kicking Charlotte out. But there was still one thing that bother him night after night.

Who was that mysterious man who came and saved him?


Book Review: Scorched

The following is a review for the book Scorched. Please note that this contains spoilers. 

Rating: 2/5

It’s alright.

The heroine is weak. She’s just as annoying as Katniss from The Hunger Games, but the difference is that Katniss, while she’s annoying, has a reason to be annoying. All reactions fit what kind of person she is and what circumstances she was thrown in. I don’t like Katniss Everdeen, but she’s a very good 3-D character, whereas here, Trinity is nothing more than an typical teenager thinking that she’s atypical. In other words, she’s terribly cliche. Her reactions are extremely weak and there are plenty of places where I cringe as I read her reactions. You’re holding a dragon egg that about to end the world, there’s a kid in front of you who’s from the future and his mission might very well to be to kill you and all you can think of is your Fields of Fantasy expansion pack sitting at beneath your Christmas tree, probably going to be put to waste? Wow. There’s a random stranger boy who was invading your mind a moment ago and all you can think of is how cute he is? Please shoot me now.

What really really annoyed me, was the fact that Trin’s Grandpa consistently used “kiddo”. There’s nothing wrong with a jolly old grandpa who seems really chill, but he acts nothing like an old man who’s lived 60 years on earth. In fact, he’s so fleetly you could have taken him for a rather goofy 30 some year old. There’s nothing of the aura of knowledge that a museum owner would have. He’s silly, he’s a flat character and he makes no sense. If not given the title grandpa he could easily pass off much younger. If you’ve read Gamer Girl, by Mari Mancusi as well, you’ll see that Grandpa in here is almost an exact replica of Maddy’s Dad. Maybe I’m thinking too much, but is this how Mancusi views men, particularly men who watch their kids? Goofy, erratic, irresponsible and never ever growing up. There’s an issue here.

Following the same lines, and going back to Fields of Fantasy, this same game appears in both books as well. Nothing wrong with that, but really it makes everything feel really weird, because all of a sudden, these two totally unrelated books (one about a girl surviving a new school and bullies and one about a girl saving the world from fire breathing dragons) are somehow connected when the only thing they have in common is being written by the same author and both taking place on Earth. (If you really had to, I guess you could say they both contain humans.) But the similarities end there. Why couldn’t you have just come up with a new name for this game?

I feel like adding the game into the book did nothing more than make me wrinkle my nose. The world’s about to end and dragons are going to burn up the world and you’re worried about some RPG game that you play? Not only was it random, it felt quite out of character and also petty. Yes, it did play into part of the plot later on, but it was such a minuscule addition that the very same effect could have been achieved with another thing just as well. It was a small detail about the Trinity that we really didn’t need to know. Just like how no one would ever just randomly state what a character’s favorite color or favorite type of pasta is unless it was really important to the plot.

(On a side note, in both books, the friend’s name is Caitlyn and both times she doesn’t do much more than act as a side character. Coming up with new names really needs to be worked on.)

The twins were somewhat better character wise. They were goofy, and they really made me laugh. The contrast between them wasn’t as big as I would have like though Caleb certainly is more cocky than Connor on many different levels. But not all boys wear “slouchy jeans”. The fact that these boys seem so comfortable in current clothing even though they came from the future doesn’t make much sense to me. Do they wear “slouchy jeans” where they live as well? Also why “slouchy jeans”? Why not just “jeans”? Did I miss something and just not realized that they’ve been there before or for a while or something and are adapted to these “slouchy jeans”? And if so, maybe that should have been made more clear.

A points, there really was a nice build up of suspense. I was fooled, along with Trinity when Grandpa “died”, (though, I have to say, I felt like I knew there was a plot twist coming up, and he death was gleaned over just a little bit too fast). The horrible mutated dragons truly boiled up some emotion, and I really like Essie.

I felt though that the book was rather predictable as to where it was going. The moment Caleb was introduced, I knew that a love triangle was going to happen (and to be honest, I’m not loving this triangle right now). Something was going to go wrong the moment Trinity found out that there was to be no internet and that everyone was an orphan of some sort.

The orphan kids were really creepy though. It was like they were in a brainwashed cult. I didn’t like the feel of it. It’s funny though, as horrible as I thought the book was, Mancusi really has an enticing style of writing that makes you want to read and re-read the book over and over again.

I was really looking forward to this book, because I really loved Gamer Girl, but this was a disappointment… I think I’ll keep reading the series though. Essie is interesting and I think she has lots of potential.

The following review was written following the rules for One Book One Review. Kind of, almost.

NEW Feature

I’ve decided, in an attempt to broaden my horizons and practice writing better reviews (because why not?) I’m going to start writing book reviews for every book that I finish. Now, before you’re going to say “Oh that’s easy.” let me explain some of the rules:

1. My review must be above 1000 words.

Doesn’t sound like much, but you try to write a review for a book that all you can say is “OMG OMG I LOVE THIS BOOK!” for 1000 words. It’s not easy. Surprisingly criticism comes easier than praise.

2. I must list just as many bad things as good things.

There’s always good in bad stuff and bad in good stuff. This one’s going to be challenging and I might be breaking this rule a couple times. Hopefully not though.

3. I must try to cite quotes where applicable.

Just trying to sharpen up my thesis paper writing skills for school. 

So they’re not that crazy, but it’s not easy either. So I hope you’ll enjoy my book reviews. All my reviews can be found on Goodreads as well (I shall get one up probably tomorrow)

Nope, I can’t beat you.

Murphy’s Law states that:

What can go wrong will go wrong.

Which means, quite obviously, that whatever mistakes you might make, you’ll probably make eventually. Unfortunately, my brother can’t seem to wrap his mind around that.

Brother’s Argument:

Murphy’s law claims that what can go wrong will go wrong. So what if I only do the thing once? And also, it never specifies what this “what” is. If we’re talking about a specific car ride on a specific date, there are plenty of things that can go wrong during that car ride, but you’re not necessarily going to get into a crash. Yes, it probably eventually will go wrong, but what if I just never made a mistake? It’s not impossible. Also, the wording of the quote is wrong. It should be “What can go wrong might probably eventually go wrong.”

My Argument:

Yes, Murphy’s Law claims that can go wrong will go wrong, but it is under the circumstances that you keep on doing that thing over and over again. You can’t just take a specific car ride on a specific date and apply that there. What would be the thing that the driver would have to do over and over again? Avoid drunken drivers?  How many drunken drivers would you meet on your way to a grocery store? These circumstances that you give aren’t even plausible, not to mention, you don’t just drive once and never drive again.

Yes, it is possible to not make a mistake at all, but do you know hard that is? How little amount of people can actually achieve that? How tiring that would be?

If you’re going to argue the wording of the statement, you might as well also say that “The early bird gets the worm.” doesn’t apply to us either because we’re not birds and we don’t eat worms. That quote has a meaning and if you’re just going to argue about how words of the quote aren’t right, why don’t you just go ahead and make your own quote and claim it as your own law and then see how many people laugh at you for being so stupid as to creating a replica of a quote that already existed and claiming it as your own?

The Wrong Person to Trust


Prompt: A man gets a phone call in the middle of the night asking for sensitive information.

“Good morning Mr. Kenneth, how are you?”

Siire Kenneth groaned as he rolled over.

“Feel like fucking shit. It’s 2 in the morning, this better be good.”

“Sir, I need to ask you a couple questions.”

“Damn it, what did I do this time?”

“Nothing sir, we would just like to know a couple things.”

“Make it quick then.”

“What’s your favorite food?”


“Sorry sir, that’s not the right answer.”

“I should know what the fuck I like to eat.”

“We have down pepperoni pizza.”

“Whatever, fuck you.”

There were beeping noise in the background, awfully like someone typing away on a loud keyboard.

“Favorite color?”

“Hot pink.”

“And Kenneth is spelled with 2 ‘n’s, correct?”


There was more beeping.

“The fuck are you doing with this information? Is there something wrong with my security system?”

“Sir, just one more question, if a chicken crosses the road at 5mph and arrives at the cookie shop in 12 minutes, how many cookies are in the cookie shop?”

“That’s easy, 15.”

“Good. Thank you sir.”

At that moment the door of his bedroom opened up with a click and his wife stepped into the room.

“Oh hold on for a sec, my wife just got back-” He turned to his wife, “Maria! What took you so long.”

To his surprise the voice in the phone spoke along with his wife.

“The key you gave me ran out of batteries.”

“You could have just called me and told me to unlock the door.”

“Yeah and every time you claimed that I was a fake trying to get in to kill you.”

“I-” Siire was left wordless for a moment. It was true. Being constantly under the threat of death, he had a super security system set at his door. Only if you answered all the questions right or if you had a key could you get in. “Well, I’m sorry Maria for not trusting you.”

She only shrugged, putting down the phone.

“Nothing wrong with being cautious. Except,” She suddenly pulled out a gun, “I really am a fake.”

A Simplistic Idea

There’s something about novel’s that have always attracted me. Maybe it was due to the fact that I was always so good at conjuring long sophisticated plot lines up in my head that, you know, writing a novel just seemed right.

But after seeing Source Code (which is a really really good movie, I strongly recommend it) I realized that maybe, a good story wasn’t all about big plot twists and traveling all over the world. You can have just as good a of story (with plenty of suspense) in just one setting, with quite a simple straightforward plot.

For those who don’t know (and I promise, no major spoilers, though you’re better off not reading this paragraph if you’re planning on watching the movie) Source Code is a sci fi about a man who is sent into this program called the Source Code (hence the title of the movie) and he’s there on a mission to find out who is the culprit of the train bombing. The entire movies takes place in two places, the lab are and inside the train. But the movie is still amazing.

I have issues with reading novels that are too simple. Ones where the climax of the book is when the car gets broken into and a GPS is stolen. I just can’t stand them for some reason. They’re not bad books, just not my type. I start getting really bored after 50 pages in and I’m not the type to just put a book down once I’ve started it because I’m also the naive type to constantly believe, even if there’s less than 20 pages left in the book, that it’s going to get better. So I plow through the book, put it down and hope to never see it again.

I like to go simple, but maybe simple books is not the way for me.

Personality Tests Don’t Work

Due to the fact that I’ve been bullshitting the last few posts, I thought I’d write a proper one for once.

I’ve taken lots of personality tests online and usually, I can only say that my results were quite lame. Not lame as in I’m a lame person, but lame as in “how much more generic can these responses get?”. Personality tests tend to bullshit you in a couple of ways.

1. The More A’s The Better

Of the less advanced personality tests I’ve taken so far, the worst are the ones that have exactly 4 possible answers of which A = “The Creative Type”, B = “The Patient Type”, C = “The Bossy But Built To Lead Type”, and D = “Superficial, But Not Called Superficial So To Not Offend Anyone Type”. And they’re really obvious.

You’ve just created a beautiful poster for your friend’s homecoming, but another friends of yours who had been working on the poster with you as well accidentally spills some coffee on the poster. You:

A. Creatively integrate the stains into the poster

B. Toss it out and make a new one

C. Tell your friend to make a new poster

D. Scream and rip up your poster. Proceed to storm out the room in rage with foam forming in your mouth like a spoiled brat.

2. Human Nature Can Be Limited To Abe, Ben, and Jay-Z

The more annoying questions tend to be ones like “Who is your role model?” or “What is your favorite book?”. Of these, they proceed to give you a couple answers and depending on the test you’ll get people from Konrad Zuse (fyi, he invented the computer) to Jay-z.  Or even some random politician that literally no one knows. And tell me, how is this suppose to reveal what my personality is?

Of these 4 flowers, which one do you think represents you well?

A. Pitcher Plant

B. Buttercup

C. Dandelion

D. Daisy

3. It Really Depends

If you think you can respond to “What do you like to do to relax?” without saying “Well, it depends…”, I seriously worry for you. Too many questions require a straightforward answer that really differs on a daily basis. I might think I’m seriously shy one day and then the bossiest person ever the next (trust me, this has happened before). I might wake up feeling shitty one morning because it’s Monday and then extremely excited another morning because I’m going to Disney. Which one are we to assume?

What is your favorite hobby?


B. Gardening

C. Community Service

D. Reading Cosmopolitan

4. I Don’t Even Know Who I Am!

If you don’t even know what type of person you are, how can a 5 question test, who has never interacted with you nor met you at different circumstances, be able to accurately explain what kind of person you are in less than a minute? How can 5 questions even fully encompass the complexity of human nature? If you, who spent how many years alive being yourself, don’t even know who you are, how is a test, which doesn’t even have a consciousness, tell you who you are?

If you took the time to answer the three questions listed above, I will reveal your results for you:

If you answered mostly A‘s you are:

The Creative Type

You are very creative and like to think things out creatively. You really like DIY because it forces you to think creatively. The Pitcher Plant is a bizzare flower in which can only be like via creative means. Therefore, you are CREATIVE.

If you answered mostly B‘s you are:

The Patient Type

You tend to be very patient and quiet in nature. It is very hard to aggravate you and you will patiently fix anything gone wrong. You picked the buttercup because it is a… patient plant? (Excuse me while I bullshit.) You’re favorite hobby is gardening because it tests your patience a lot. Especially when growing plants that don’t like to stay alive.

If you answered mostly C‘s you are:

The Bossy Type 

You like to be on top of everything. You tend to be the one to come up with idea, but you won’t be the one to actually do the work. You picked the dandelion because it’s an aggressive and annoying  plant that just can’t be killed no matter how hard you try to dig it up, just like you. And you really like community service because you can boss people around there for free.

If you answered mostly D‘s you are:

The Superficial Bitch Type

I’m sorry for offending you, but, bitch, you suck ass.

So, did you like my personality test?

I’m going to do it.

I’ve got a big post brewing. I swear, it’s taking me a lot of guts of write it out. But for now, I’ll just say that writing this may cause me huge amounts of harassment. Not for offending a lot of people and being a bitchy asshole, but for offend one person who can be a bitchy asshole.

It’s gonna be big. SO I really need support. If that person comes screaming “fuck you” at me, I’ll need a couple human shields. Jk (on the human shield part. Not on the big post thing). So, truth be told, I don’t even know if this is actually happening or not.

It was all just speculation actually.

I can’t believe you fell for that.