Coke or Pepsi


Prompt: Look, somebody has got to make a decision.

Garry hated parties.

There was nothing wrong about them – he loved having company, but whenever Ella hosted a party, she always pushed the shopping to him. And the list was so long.

“Yeah?” Garry punched the accept button on his phone as it ringed loudly in the store.

“Coke.” The feminine voice on the other side of the line squeaked. Garry groaned.

“Again?” This had been the fourth time she called, unable to figure out whether to get Coke or Pepsi.

“Yes, I’m positive.”

“Wait wait wait wait… are you sure?”

“Well… I mean… I’m feeling for Coke right now…”

“And you felt for Pepsi two minutes before that and Coke five before.”

“Oh… Garry… You know how much I hate making decisions.” The voice became whiny.

“Are you trying to tell me to make the decision?”

“Can you do it for me?”

“No.” Garry promptly refused. “Last time I made a decision you almost tore apart our living room.”

“I… I… Well this is different, you know.”

“I’m not making to decision.”

“Well then get Coke.”

“Are you positive?”


Garry sighed frustrated.

“Then why don’t we just get both and see which one we end up drinking?”

“No, Garry, that would be wasteful.”

“Wasteful? How would that be wasteful?”

“Because there are plenty of people out there who need the Pepsi more than we do.”

“Than give it to them.”


“But what?”

“Actually, you know what? Get the Pepsi.”

“What? You just said Coke!”

“I meant Pepsi. You know what I mean.”

“No I don’t.”


“Make a decision now.”

“Can’t you do it for me?”

“No! I already told you I can’t!”

“Ugh, Garry! You don’t know how much I want to slap you right now.”

“I do know. You want to slap me a lot.”

The line went quiet.

“Fine, get Coke.”


“I said Coke!”

“Ok. Bye, I’m not taking anymore requests.”

Garry hung up and turned off his phone, grabbing Coke off the shelves and left the store. Hell knows what kind of shit he was going to go through at home.


5 thoughts on “Coke or Pepsi

  1. I wonder what happened when he got home! Interesting take about making a decision! I like how you tucked in the part about tearing the living room apart after making a decision. I wonder if it was a minor decision like coke or Pepsi? Great use of the prompt!! Nice work! TiV

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