365 Day Challenge, Un-invent it!, 2/21/14

Prompt: If you could un-invent something, what would it be? Discuss why, potential repercussions, or a possible alternative.

Alright. I liked this prompt so I’m gonna answer it.

If I could un-invent something, I’m totally un-invent the gun and cannon and all similar things. What’s so bad about knives or bow and arrows? Guns are so unnecessarily dangerous, not to mention wars today are so seriously boring.

You can blow someone’s brains out if you have a gun. You can’t just stab someone’s skull with a knife and expect it to go in without having some arm strength first. Shootings are so much more dangerous and “knife-out”s. You can easily kill or fatally wound someone with a gun, but you’re a lot more likely to die from loss of blood than from the actual knife wound. Plus, you’ve got more of a chance to survive a knife attack.

Wars used to be fought hand to hand. People would ran across a plain and slash at each other. If you had some skill, you would survive. It was literally survival of the fittest at it’s extreme. But now, with these guns, you just prop up, load, aim and shoot and hope that someone else hasn’t aimed a bullet at you. It’s unfair because you literally can’t see a bullet flying at you. There’s no such thing as dodging a bullet like dodging a knife. There’s simply shot or not shot.

I’ve got more to say. I hate guns. But this will be enough for the day.

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