My typing is atrocious. You’ve probably notice that already. In fact, I probably need a personal editor or something, because this is really starting to become a problem.

My most common typos tend to be stupid things like not typing a “not” when I should be or typing “not” when I shouldn’t be, making the sentence mean the entire opposite of what I wanted it to mean. Which sometimes makes things seem really awkward. And makes me look like a fool. And it’s also really annoying for you and for me.

I also tend to add “-ly”s to the tend of words by accident or write the wrong from (like use “has” instead of “had” or something like that). I’ve also just written a completely different word (like “establish” instead of “Elizabeth”) (though, I actually haven’t made that mistake yet…). And I also tend to just add random “the”s here and there just because my fingers are so used to typing the, it’s become a bad habit now.

Now, let’s do a quick exercise and see how many typos I’ve made in this post.


2 thoughts on “Atrocious

  1. I feel ya. It’s somewhat amusing to read back through something I’ve written, to see just how badly I managed to screw up XD Although since I’ve become friends with a few grammar Nazi’s, I feel I’ve improved somewhat, if only to save myself from lectures and mockery.

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