Happy Singles Awareness Day!

I hate Valentines Day. No, it’s actually not because the fact that I’m single makes me miss out on all the apparent “fun” all the other couples have. Quite simply put, I think it’s just stupid holiday.

It is nice to have a day set out nationwide (maybe even worldwide) for people to just stop and celebrate their love for that other important person in their life. But let’s face it, how many times have you heard of stories of people who complain about how horrible of a present they got? It pisses me off so much.

You should be happy that you even have a significant other, so shut up and stop complaining about how shitty your Valentines Day present is. Like seriously, what’s the big deal? Is one less flower in your life going to make it miserable? Are you going to bawl your eyes out if you got a stuffed panda bear from the dollar store instead of Hallmark even though they looked identical and the dollar store one was cheaper? Are you going to have to end your life if you got chocolates with pecans in them instead of hazel nuts?

What ends up happening is that now people aren’t having happy Valentines Days because they don’t get the present they want. Of course, not everyone, just the jerks who don’t know how well off they are. You spoiled brats. Go spend some time in hole in a ground. I don’t want to see your ugly face.


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