Of Frozen and other Movies Without Sequels

I just saw Frozen for the second time and let me say, I just love that movie. I think I might even have an unhealthy obsession for it now…

But as much as I think it’s a wonderful movie, I really hope that Disney does NOT make a Frozen 2.

We all know about the Sequel Dilemma. Whenever a wonderful movie comes out, the first thought from many fans are “I want more!”. So the producers are half forced to make a second movie. Now usually, the second movie has nothing to do with the first one, other than that you have the same characters, in a similar if not same setting, and you know some of their backstories. And also, usually, the second movie will either suck, or just be mediocre.

There will forever be exceptions to this of course. But most of the time, sequels end up horribly. Which is probably also why people are starting to not look forward to sequels as much as they used to. I guess that’s the consequences of making bad movies just for the sake of it.

So I really hope they don’t make a second Frozen. I will get really upset.


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