Hilarious Spam

spam comment superbowl

Yes yes, I know I’ve written quite a few posts about spam, but this one was just so absolutely hilarious that I had to share it with everyone.

So a few days ago, I wrote a post about the Super Bowl that included my rant on only watching the ads and two self-made memes. Today, while checking my spam comments for the first time in weeks, I see this comment:

I still cannot quite believe I could end up being one of those reading through the important tips found on your blog. My family and I are seriously thankful for your generosity and for providing me the chance to pursue this chosen career path. Thanks for the important information I obtained from your blog.

Pshaw. Your very welcome sir for allowing me to tell you about this career path that you talk about, though, sir, I don’t know which career path you are talking about. Are you saying that your chosen career path is watching Super Bowl ads and making memes about them? Wow. I feel so inspired. And honored. And, uh, other stuff.

Speaking of which, does this mean that a large percent of blog posts are about careers paths? Because if not, you would look pretty stupid posting a spam comment like this on a blog post.

Who knows?

3 thoughts on “Hilarious Spam

  1. LMAOOooooooooooooooo *grinning*

    It really does border on absolutely ridiculous at times!

    I’ve gotten things from people telling me how beautiful I am, and how they will live their life dedicated to my happiness, and that all that lies between me and then and the ultimate fairy tale is a green card – BWAHAHAHHAHAHA – Um I don’t even live in the states and WHY would my father need 3200 goats gifted for my hand in marriage?

    *rollin eyes*

    1. Lolol. 3200 goats? I’d approve that comment just for laughs. OMG, and what’s even funnier is when you go ahead and edit those comments. Then it’s absolutely hilarious,

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