That Stat Page

I find it funny that once upon a time, I used to squeal when I got more followers than 2. Or that getting even one view on this blog, with huge amounts of posts, was extremely exciting.

I guess not anymore. I get one or two followers every few days. I always get views now. I’ve become… numified. If that’s a word.

I wrote a post about Leagues of Angels because I was truly angry with that game. But funny thing, I’m getting all these hits now, with people googling “Leagues of Angels” or “League of Angel boobs”. It’s really funny.

I get views every day now whether I post or not. I get maybe one or two likes on most of my posts. I’m content. That’s all that I cafe for. You guys are awesome.

That’s all.

5 thoughts on “That Stat Page

  1. LOL… I was looking at the search terms that lead people to my blog two days ago and you know what I saw:

    ‘Is miss Lou Lou from wordpress married?!!’


    What the fungus!


  2. I’m still getting the excitement of seeing increasing hits on my blog and finding new followers, lol. I think I’ll be having it for a long while yet. The feeling is good. Someone is at least ‘taking a look’.
    Hope one day soon, I get to sit back like you and just do my writing knowing someone will surely come by.

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