Without Power

After this not so terrible storm that happened, we lost all power yesterday for the entire day. In fact, I still don’t think we have power right now. It’s horrible and I had no idea what to do. I was suppose to make a post yesterday which I didn’t get to do. I lost a fifteen day streak on Duolingo, which, while it sounds lame, was really important. All 19 tasks on my Todoist were overdue, which made me really upset. I really wanted to just scream to them, “I HAD NO FREAKING POWER!”

Our half of the neighborhood is really unfortunate in that it is always the half that looses power. I don’t know why, but it’s so annoying. We were the last the gain power for Hurricane Sandy, we were the last as well for some other storm. I don’t even know what to say anymore.

Obviously there’s something wrong with our power line. I’m not happy about it.


5 thoughts on “Without Power

  1. I often find it amusing when the children and US adults find ourselves at a loss for stuff to do when the power goes out. We have changed so much over the generations – and once we had no shortage of non technological activities to keep us busy – now it seems we have scheduled our entire lives around technology!

  2. I actually lol’d when I read this. I mean you get to lose power because there was a storm … hmmm, at least there is a reason. Here where I reside, we don not expect power always and they (the Electrical Coy) do not require a reason to deprive us of power. And should there be a storm, we’d be lucky if power is restored after a week.
    We always have our backup plan though – which is having a good and ready generator.

    1. Oh wow, that’s terrible. Yeah. You see, with us though, people go to hotels instead and we’re not rich enough to do that. So we end up suffering while everyone else packs their bags off to some warm hotel. Makes me so angry. At them for being wimps, that it.

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