That God-Awful feeling

You know that feeling? Yes that one where you don’t feel productive at all? That you know you really should be doing something, but when you finally sit down to do it, you get all fidgety and push it all off to tomorrow?

Well I got that right now and it is the worst.

I get it at least once every year and when it happens, it ends up lasting for forever. I still can’t find a cause for it, just like I still can’t find one for my sleep problems. Maybe it’s connected to my lack of sleep, because just a few days before, when I was completely well rested, I was completely fine.

I hate it so much. And I’ve also given up on prompts now. Prompts make my head hurt.


6 thoughts on “That God-Awful feeling

  1. Totally KNOW what you mean!! I can literally see things that need doing around me, though there is always something that takes precedence. Surely enough it always seems to be the things I do not enjoy doing so much that gets put last on the list and consistently put back.


    1. Yuppos. For example, I have a whole list of blog posts to make. But I keep on pushing them back simply because I have a “more brilliant” idea that’s more urgent. Quite a dilemma.

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