My personal little thoughts on that Super Bowl

Well, yesterday was the super bowl and I suppose that people are going to be flooding my Reader with posts of the Super Bowl. Or not. But since I’ve seen most of it, I’l go ahead and tell you some of what I thought.

1. I only watch ads.

It’s peculiar of me to do that I guess, but I’m sure plenty of other people do that too. Do you know how expensive an ad to be run during the Super Bowl can be? Well I don’t, but I hear it’s a crazy price. so naturally, they got to be good.

I don’t like watching football. There’s nothing about huge buff guys charged with hormones throwing themselves against each other  because of a brown pig-skin ball that might be just a little bigger than their hand that in the slightest bit interesting to me. All I care to see is how stupidly some of these player can get injured, because, then, as morbid as it sounds, I think it’s funny.

2. I only watch the funny ads.

Don’t talk to me about sympathy or responsibility. I’m spending four hours watching hormone filled men throwing themselves against each other, I’m not up for some inspirational speech about how I should feel hopefully if I act more responsible. What if I was dead drunk? I’m here for the laughs, not for some heavy deep speech about global warming.

3. I only watch the football because I like to look for ridiculous plays

Like last year when that guy ran like, what, 108 yards? Now that was awesome. Everything else, I personally couldn’t care less about. Once again, I have no interest in huge guys wrestling each other for a stupid brown ball.

So last night, I had the perfect revelation and it appears below:




Thank you. I tried.


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