Hero to Zero

Today is a fateful day for many people in the world, because I’m sure, as you are reading this, many people are taking their last breaths in this world and moving on to the next world, which may or may not be good, depending on which religious idiot you would like to listen to.

Well. Good thing it’s not my last breath. But it is the end of the Zero to Hero event.

How unfortunate.

I think I should be tearing up right now with so many emotions. Oh my god! Thank you for giving me an audience! I’m so happy. *cries*


I do want to mention though that I’ve been promptly slacking off on Zero to Hero since around day 7. Maybe I should rip that Zero to Hero badge off my blog. Oh, I am such a disgrace. *eye roll* But I suppose this makes sense in that I’ve got no feelings toward that event because other than the 20, 30 some new followers I got from it, nothing really changed. It’s a good event. I just haven’t been doing it.


What a tough life.

Hero to Zero? Sounds like me. Except, well, I never was a hero.


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