The Thieving House: Chapter 1.5

(By: Livi)

Nora was not in the greatest mood right now. Well, for this particular dark hair, green eyed little girl, being in a good mood was a miracle. You would think that for such a great thief, she’d probably should be living in riches and a perfectly well guarded house, but that was the problem.

She wasn’t.

Apparently the people next door had gotten into a bad habit of snatching items from her house, which, mind you, she really couldn’t care less about. Her true stash of stuff was somewhere else, hidden quite safely. But it was still quite annoying. She didn’t like how her neighbors thought they were getting away with it even though they had made a mess in her apartment. They’ve even stopped bothering to clean up after them. Nora overheard their conversation once and it went something like this:

“She doesn’t even know.”


“And she acts like she’s the best thief ever.”

“I know right? And we’ve even left a mess in there.”

More snickers.

“We’ve got to make a bigger mess next time.”

Every time Nora listened to this, she was get even more angry, but the time wasn’t quite ripe yet. She had to find a perfect chance to kick their asses and she would make sure that they would never come back to this town.

They were such a disgrace to the thieving community.

Nora sighed. Tonight, she would stop by the House again. She had saw something last time right before closing that she had really wanted. It was really cleverly hidden and she was sure not many other people knew about it yet. It was a lovely vase made of some sort of sparkly material. Nora was sure it would be worth a fortune.

After she had packed her stuff, Nora walked out of her apartment, making a point of slamming her door so that her neighbors would come over again.


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