365 Challenge, The Role of Music 1/26/14

Prompt: What role does music play in your life?

A lot.

It’s way too hard to fully explain. I love music, but I’ve really been starting to get sick of current pop songs. So instead of talking about music in my life, how about I vent about Justin Bieber?

Ok. I’m not going to be mean and straight up say that he sucks, but really his songs get on my nerves. Like seriously, I can be your platinum? I’m sorry, but sir, I’m interested in boys, not shiny pieces of expensive rock. Oh wait, your girlish face is too feminine to represent a boy, so you have to resort to platinum. Ok then. I understand totally.

Maybe I’m just making points that other people have already, but Justin Bieber is so IRRESPONSIBLE. Ok. He shouldn’t even get near drugs. Caught smoking? Caught drinking? Way to be a great role model. Not to mention that he got away EVERY SINGLE TIME. One day, boy are you going to get busted.

If there was a national punch someone in the face day, I’d sure land a nice smack on your face.  Maybe that’ll knock some sense in you before you waste your life away.

There’s more I want to say, but I’m lazy. So I’m gonna pull an abrupt ending and end this post right here.


2 thoughts on “365 Challenge, The Role of Music 1/26/14

  1. I’m having problems with my like button today, but I liked it. You should totally announce National Punch Someone in the Face Day. Then we can all climb on board and write about who we would let have it.

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