365 Day Challenge, Write Your Own Eulogy 1/25/14

First off, I want to apologize before I start because I have no sense of regret for anything. So my eulogy will probably end up being some ridiculous speech of some sort. DO NOT take this seriously. Or else I may have to slap you.

Prompt: Write your own eulogy.

My dearly departed animals,

I miss you so much. I believe you may have been fish, though no personal connection between us told me that you were. Actually no personal connections even existed.

I remember the day I unscrewed the cap of a bottle of food and sprinkle a couple of the smelly flakes before you. I remember how you rushed up gratefully to eat them because you have been neglected for days. I remember that rush of pity as I watch you gnaw against the tank, eating algae to stay alive. I remember how you even ate your own babies.

Oh swimming golden animals, I miss how your silent presence calmed me, even though keeping silent meant that I never actually took notice of you unless I looked at you. Oh. I’m wordless right now.

You’re presence is greatly missed.

My dear animals.



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