League of Angels and Aggravating Ads

Ok. I swear that this can not just be me. I’ve been seeing all these ads lately for this new so called “Most Anticipated MMORPG of 2014” called League of Angels and their ads could probably be the most irrelevant little pieces of (apologies for language) shit I’ve ever seen.

The game Leagues of Angels is a 2 1/2-D turn-based browser MMORPG. I found that on the first site I clicked on. Accordingly, it is also apparently the most anticipated MMO of 2014, which is probably completely false. To be honest, it looks more like another copy of Wartune, which, to set the record straight, I have not played at all. I’ve only seen screenshots and they were enough to turn me away from that game. Ok, I can’t stand shitty graphics and I can’t stand 2 1/2 -D games.

But, that’s not my point.

Lately, on many of the sites I’ve been on, I get bothered by this ads on the side of beautifully rendered 3-D teenage girls with the biggest amount of jiggly cleavage a human could possibly have without looking ridiculous all dressed in tight fitting clothing and doing stuff to show off that cleavage. In fact I’ll describe all three ads for those who haven’t seen them yet.

Ad 1: Let’s make unnecessary sexual impressions as we undress for the beach!

This ad has by far been the most frequent and complicated to explain ad I’ve seen so far. It starts out with a close up of a boobalicious girl wearing a pink bikini. The boobs are jiggling around the small ad frame as the girl jumps up and down, though you can’t really tell that she’s actually jumping so you’ll have to make inferences as to what exactly she’s doing (hint hint). And you see little sparkles everywhere. Tell me that’s not hinting at something. Next it switches to a girl taking off her pants.

Ok, they’re at the beach. Nothing special right? But unless you inspect the image closely, (which, yes I’ve done now, but not at first), you’re given the impression that she’s not wearing a bikini bottom, but underwear. And now that means something totally different.

They go on to showing the first girl showing herself off in that sort of manner that clear is trying to turn you on and then you get one more shot of another boobalicious girl in the setting sun. The target audience for this ad is pretty obvious.

Ad 2: Let’s show how jiggly boobs can be when ladies fall to the ground!

The second type of ad I’ve seen seems more fit for the game even though it’s 1. rendered in 3-D instead of 2 1/2 -D and 2. completely irrelevant to the game as well. It’s in some type of castle courtyard and you get close ups of multiple girls on the ground, dressed like warriors. They’re barely holding themselves up and panting for some reason. Then they collapse onto the ground. And guess what?

Huge jiggly boobs.

Wow. What a surprise.

Ad 3: Let’s allow for large boobed girls to jump and dance in their bathing suits on a tennis court.

The last type I’ve only seen maybe 3 times. It’s of a fox-tailed anime girl and one without a tail dancing in a tennis court with revealing bathing suits on. There’s nothing much more to say about this one other than that it’s just as largely irrelevant to the game and focuses just as much on boobs as the others.

Ok. So I’ve spent all this time typing out all these disgusting ads. Why? Because I’m freaking pissed. I’m surfing the internet and I’m getting these disgustingly disturbing ads for a game that had absolutely nothing that do with beaches or tennis courts or especially large boobs and it’s distracting.

So what am I saying? Well, obviously there are a couple things that we can draw conclusion on.

  1. If you decide to play this game, you will very likely be met with large amounts of perverted men who like to watch boobs jiggle and have been stupid enough to sign up for this game even though nothing in it contains jiggly boobs.
  2. The creators of this game certainly are not very smart in their antics if they think that all they need to attract attention and get more players for is jiggly boobs.
  3. Why in the world do they have the game in 2 1/2-D if they can make 3-D ads? Stupid. Simple another way to make yourself look bad.
  4. This game is going to be repulsive.

So there you go. A rather abnormal and long post from me. I congratulate you if you’ve survived this long. I’m done ranting. It’s your turn now.


15 thoughts on “League of Angels and Aggravating Ads

  1. what? it from some porn ads! dang it shock me ! no wonder all the character pose erotism..btw i play because i not a pervert or what..i play because random pick game on facebook..what my point is not most people play on that game is pervert :p or half xD…
    the gameplay well, so-so or most accurate ripoff from wartune but more better i guess, but what the most suck on the game is unbalance and server easy to trick #duh

    btw, the point is you just play the game and dont pay single mingle on it…unworth because i pay then i become pro/power etc. for sec and the next day my char fight like a chicken…#yeah true story ==

    1. Lol. I doubt the game actually would be filled with perverts as much as I would wish it to be just to prove my point. It does seem very much like Wartune rip-off, which I didn’t manage to play past five minutes before I gave up in disgust due to awful graphics.

      They both use pictures of women with big boobs in revealing clothing to attract people. The amount of people who truly play to game for the sake of big boobs is probably far and few. I doubt there are that many idiots in the world (though you never know).

  2. If i could hack i would exploenante tho maker of that stupid games computer and the ones of those other P*rn site pop-ups too. there are reportsof them popping up on a SIX-Year olds computer. He is now a P*rn freak. i hate them

      1. I FOUND A WAY TO BLOCK IT!!! (or at least some related stuff.)
        U need Adblock.
        Find the term porn.
        Highlight and select block ad.
        Say Bye-bye Beeyatches.

  3. I haven’t seen the ads mentioned here, instead I keep getting the same one over and over, with a much lazier but equally (if not more so) absurdly obnoxious attempt.

    The girl is just sitting there, staring at you when suddenly…? Her friggin’ boobs start… I don’t even know. Not bouncing, just… growing and shrinking… Just… slowly growing and shrinking while NOTHING else on the ad moves. WTF even IS that? It’s more disturbing than sexy.

    I’m so sick of these ads. I wish there was a way to report them to Google or something. I’m glad I don’t have children, because these ads are EVERYWHERE. The company should be ashamed.

    1. Taha, I haven’t seen that one, but that is really horrible. I’ve long decided that AdBlock is that way to go. No more disturbing ads, just sometimes disturbing empty spaces where disturbing ads used to be.

      1. Unfortunately, Me Too.
        Sometimes I Wonder For The Fate Of Human-Kind.
        Whoever does this stuff is a potential Darwin award waiting to happen.
        (look Darwin Awards Up, you’ll see i am not complementing these bastards.)

    1. Dear God…why? F**k your way to victory? If it’s a fantasy game and that were true, what would that mean for your enemies? Defeating them with rape? It certainly sounds implied there. Thank God it’s not. I know far too many victims of the awful and vile crime and it’s anything but glorious. It’s just sick.

      1. It really is terrible. I’m sure that’s not what happens in the game (after some tedious research and trying the game out, which tbh, was a horrible game just simply because it was wayyyy too generic), but the ads clearly imply that and it’s really indecent.

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