A Pine Arb?

So last night I had this crazy dream that had to do with school and some ridiculous stuff. But towards the end of this bizzare dream, the recurrence and emphasis on an object called the “Pine Arb” could not be overlooked and whenever I tried to ask what is was in my dream, everyone would push it off, telling me that I would be informed of what it was at a later time. (More like my brain porbably didn’t even know either so it was trying to avoid confrontation with me.) So I wake up this morning with a driving desire to know what the hell a pine arb was.

After a long and thorough search on Google I realized a sad truth: it doesn’t actually exist. There are a such thing as “ARB pines” but nothing came up solely as “pine arb”. So what the heck was a pine arb?

This I will have to ask you, my dear readers, because I honestly have no idea why I would have a dream about pine arbs and where the heck did they come from. Pine arbs? Like really?

I’ve got nothing more to say…

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