A Deceptive Mind: Chapter 1.5

Hidden deep forest was a large clearing. The clearing had a thin creek that trickled through and beside this creek was a small wooden hut. The day the ending the regular chatter of the night critters were beginning to start.

Inside the hut, an old man was sitting crosslegged on his bed, his eyes closed in meditation. He was facing the window, listening to the creek that was running outside. A couple moments later, a young girl came in holding a large tea pot.

“Teacher, tea is ready.” She said, pouring the tea from the pot into a tray of tea cups that had been set down on the table already. The old man nodded and got up slowly, opening his gray eyes. He slid off the bed and sat down in a chair next to the table. The girl sat down across from him and took a cup. She blew from is took a sip, frowning at the taste and placing it back. “When is there going to be new from sister?”

“Soon.” The old man took a sip from the tea cup. “It will be soon.”

He placed that cup down.

The girl was silent for a moment when she suddenly heard something and looked up.

“Look!” She shouted, running towards the window. A bird flapped down and landed into her extended hands. “It’s sister’s bird.”

The old man smiled as he watched the girl stroked the bird.

“Take him to the paper will you?” He said, gesturing to the table across the room, where paper and ink had been already set out. The girl nodded and set the bird down at the table, giving him one last pat.

The bird immediately hopped over to the paper and began scrawling out a message. The first few lines were scribbles, but soon after, the message began.

The girl watched eagerly at the bird wrote away, shouting out at exciting parts and gasping at surprising parts. The old man was sat in the chair with his eyes closed and a small smile on his face. Soon after, the bird chirped as it finished every last word. The old man got up from the chair and went over to look as the message.

The message was rather long.

The little girl was silent as she waited for the old man to finish, watching him nod and frown as he made his way through the long report.

“He’s getting old.”

The little girl frowned for a moment, confused by the sudden comment. The old man gestured to the bird. “We’re going to have to let him go.”

“Not Avia!” The little girl reached a protective arm over the bird. The old man sighed.

“His letters are getting shaky. It’s been ten years. It’s prime time for Leon to take over.”

The little girl pouted.

“But Avia is still strong.”

The old man laughed softly.

“What’s wrong with Leon?”

“Nothing. I just don’t want Avia to go.”

“Don’t worry. He’ll come back to visit.”

The little girl nodded slightly.

“But still…”

“Silly girl, we’re not going to let him go yet. Not until your sister finishes. Leon requires a different quill from Avia. We won’t be able to get that quill to her until she gets back.”

The little girl nodded, a smile formed on her face. She ran over and gave the old man a hug.

“Thank you Teacher.”

The old man chuckled.


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