Too Many Standing Ovations

I don’t like political speeches.

I have an issue with how every couple hundred words, the speaker stops and waits as the audience goes on to clap for 5 minutes straight. I take issue with the fact that they seem to get longer and longer as the speech progresses and I personally get SO annoyed by them.

I’m not very into politics. I don’t care if the government is big or small. I don’t care how they runs things. I wish I did, but after many futile attempts to get myself interested in politics, I’ve come to the conclusion that politics is just not my thing. It just doesn’t make any sense to me. So, of course, I tend not to be too into political speeches.

But occasionally, there are one or two that I listen to, just because, well, they’re speeches and they’re good to listen to. AND IT’S SO AGGRAVATING! I swear the applause is arranged because not only is it super long, it doesn’t die down slowly, it just stops. Just. Like. That.

I hate it. It breaks the flow of the speech so much, not to mention, now, a 30 minute speech could very well go one for 2 hours.

Like what the heck?


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