The Theme Problem

No matter how much you customize your theme, change things up, add a background image, it still is super awkward when you stumble upon a blog with the same theme. At least for me.

Theme’s are beautiful. They’re a wonderful way to solving everyone’s issue with being unable to create their own blog. Or at least a pretty one. But using themes has a bad side to it. You are no longer original. You can’t be counted as one of a kind. Somewhere out there, there’s going to be another person, who while won’t have the same exact color scheme, will have to same exact same theme. And that bothers me.

Sometimes, I’ve really been tempted to choose the least popular theme just for the heck of it because then the chances of seeing that theme on another blog is smaller. But then I wouldn’t be happy with how my blog looks.

What a dilemma.

I hate how OCD I am.

2 thoughts on “The Theme Problem

    1. Well, depends on the party. If it’s informal, I’d probably just laugh it off. But if we wore the same dress to a formal ball… I’d probably get a tad bit upset. 😉

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