The Thieving House: Chapter 1.2

(By: Livi)

Lilia sprinted five blocks to Adam’s house and slammed her fist on his doorbell. She waited impatiently for him to open the door. When the door finally clicked open, she automatically began to hound him.

“What were you thinki-”

He yanked her into his house and locked the door behind them. She opened her mouth to speak again and he shushed her, looking out of a window. After a few moments he sighed, relieved, and looked back down at her.

“Yes?”  He asked rather nonchalantly.

“Yes yourself!” She shouted. “Carl told me-”

Adam frowned.

“Are you seriously going to believe what Carl told you?”

She rolled her eyes and plopped down on the living room couch.

“He’s my brother. Now tell me. Why do you want to go there? And don’t give me crap about your heritage.”

“It’s about Carl.” Adam finally said with a sigh. “Don’t you worry about your younger brother sometimes? How socially inept he is? His unhealthy obsession with those gadgets? He’s too much of a… for lack of betters words, a coward. So, you know, very naturally I thought maybe I could take him to the Thieving House. Y’know? Since it’ll be safe there.”

He gave her a wink.

Lilia was just a little suspicious, but she was sure she could handle the situation.

“Then when are we going to this… Thieving House?”

“We?” he asked, grinning brightly. “You’re coming with us?”

“Of course.” She rolled her eyes. “If one of us dies, the others can say goodbye.”

“Lilia! C’mon! Don’t be so morbid!” He laughed nervously, trying to hide the fact that .

Lilia flipped her light brown curls in annoyance.

“Say that to Carl. He probably sees dead people already.”

Adam realized that he was losing her already, but it was too late to try to explain. Lilia jumped up.

“I have to go check on Carl.”

Adam scratched the back of his head, wondering what he could say.


She rushed out of the door, but right before she slammed it, she said, “Come by our house when you’re ready to go.”

He hadn’t realized she was actually serious about it, but he did a little victory dance until his mother called him into the kitchen. She was making samosas, his favorite.

“Why didn’t Lilia stay?”

“She had to go, Mother. You know, Carl.”

“Ah. So when are you going to sweep this girl off her feet?”

He shrugged and started mumbling about it, but she sighed and said, “Honey, just eat.”

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