The Older the Better

I was at the library, volunteering like any old teenager desperate for something that might look good on their collage apps (well not exactly) and putting returned books in order when I noticed something.

Many of the most popular books, were the ones that were in the worst shape.

Now bear with me, because this may seem like common sense. I mean, come one, no duh! Lots of people read these books! And so they get worn really easily! But I’ve always thought opposite.

I’m really paranoid about keeping books in prime condition. I absolutely HATE writing in books. There’s nothing that bothers me more (even though we’re required to so in school). It’s distracting to write notes, it’s distracting to read with them there. Surprisingly, I have nothing against buying used books – as long they don’t show that they’ve been used. And that includes names written in pen, water stains, ripped pages, slightly worn corners and even random bookmarks still in the book. Of course, I’d prefer a new one to an old one. Yes. I’m a little OCD.

So my first instinct was that well, since these books are so popular, maybe people would give an effort to keep them in better condition even though more people will be reading them. Well, I was wrong.

It’s not really that I haven’t noticed. We notice things all the time. I just never actually took the time to think about it, and I think that is maybe one of the most important things. We sometimes don’t realize things, even though they’ve been in front of us the whole freaking time.

But I’m glad at least that I realized it early on, before I made a fool of myself.

4 thoughts on “The Older the Better

  1. I have really enjoyed your blog! And I would like to nominate it for the Liebster Award. I tried to make sure, beforehand, that you had not already received this, but if I missed that I apologize. I really hope you choose to accept it, and – if you do – I can’t wait to read your answers to the questions. You can find out the details here: Peace, Scott

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