The true feeling of tiredness…

I guess I’ve now officially experienced what it feels like to be truly tired and drained of ideas. And it’s not even that I don’t have ideas. It’s just that my sluggish mind has been so full of mush lately that I can’t even remember a blog post idea. It just slips out of my mind the moments it lands there. In fact I had some brilliant post ideas.

And now they’re gone.

So much for the brilliancy.

No only have I been unable to post, I’ve been slightly slacking for my Zero to Hero. I’ve done almost none of the non-posting assignments and haven’t really gotten around to posting in the forums. I mean, let’s be honest, what am I going to say? “So excited to start a new blog! Follow me, follow me, follow me!”? Hell no. Not to mention that I might get kicked off from the forum topic.

So as a new way to start off, I’ve started a new blog (ha, yes, again). And I’m going to start fresh there. It’ll be a critique blog and I’m hoping that people will be willing to submit their work and give critiques. But if not, well whatever. As least I tried.


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