A Deceptive Mind: Chapter 1.3

Charlotte almost collapsed onto the bed in the room she had been shown to. This had been terribly dangerous, and she knew that she had gotten lucky. Hanto had underestimated her. She knew there would be no next time.

But it wasn’t just Hanto.

Charlotte had to calm her nerves down first. She sat down on a nearby chair, leaned back and closed her eyes. Meditation was the best medicine. That was what Teacher always said.

The room that they gave Charlotte was actually quite nice. It wasn’t too big, but it wasn’t too small, fitting one person perfectly. There was one bed on the far side of the room, built into the wall, with draping curtains to close it off. A tea table made of rosewood sat one the other side with two matching chairs. It only took two steps to get from the bed to the table and in these two steps, you could walk over the entirety of the Hyang kingdom, sewed delicately into a soft rug which was laid over a grey tiled floor between the table and the bed.

Charlotte sighed as she got up, feeling slightly better. It was the afternoon. The Emperor said he would consult her tomorrow. Until then, she would be free to do anything this wanted. Charlotte dragged herself up and grabbed the bundle that had contained her bow and sword. She unwrapped it again and picked up a smaller bundle that had been hidden in a small pocket in the cloth. She picked the bundled apart, revealing a small stack of papers and a quill. She took out a sheet of paper and began scribbling away, though nothing showed up on the paper except for the light scratches of her quill against the paper.

An afternoon went by before Charlotte had finished, using up every last paper in her stack. She folded the empty sheets and wrapped them back up, setting them back into her bundle.

If anyone had been watching her, they would’ve been terribly confused. What was she doing? Was she crazy? Why would she spend an afternoon writing on blank sheets of paper with a quill that had no ink?

But Charlotte knew exactly what she was doing. She was following orders.


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