Oh that blog post. – Zero To Hero Day 3

I actually did not have a specific blog post in mind when I started this blog. Actually I had a hint of one and I seemed to have posted that hint of one. So I’ll tell you my history in blogging here I suppose.

The first time I made a blog, I was maybe ten. I found Blogger. I wondered what it was. I made a blog. I maybe made a post. And then I forgot about it. Mostly because I had nothing to post anyways. Other than that I was awesome. (Which we all know already. Right? ;D)

So it was a year before, when I went on tumblr that I got obsessed.

It was funny because I had nothing to post at all. I didn’t even know what to write. I made maybe created 6 different blogs on there in the time span of 2 months, but out of them all, two of them were the so called “re-blog blogs” where everything I had on there were re-blogged posts of GIFs that I had found extremely funny. Of the other four, one was a story blog that I never got past the first post because I couldn’t figure out how long each post should be. The other one was of different ways I could screw around with posts and make them look pretty (sorry, it’s hard to explain. I’ll give you an example later). The third one was about “mind blanks” where all I did was blank my mind and just type, usually making up posts that were complete rambling shit but also sometimes really funny. And the four one was one where I set it up so that each post would start out with “So I told you…” and end with some kind of “I told you so” type thing in my futile attempt to be funny.

I, uh, abandoned that very very soon. Well, one because I got no followers. Two because it seemed like way too much work.

So recently, I got back into blogging, realizing that a story blog might be fun. So I made one. I posted one page. I messed around with the blog. And then abandoned it. It was too hard for me. And I realized that, what’s the point if I didn’t have any followers? So, a haze of frustration, I made this blog, to… let’s say vent. About what? I don’t know. I was just angry.

And then I realized that, well, wow, this was fun. And so here I am. Zero to Hero. Everything. I don’t even know what to say anymore….

Here’s a list of examples of what my posts looked like for the last three blogs I mentioned:

[i think i’m on a roll]

[if you’ve been watching a movie a night, you’d feel like your brain is so filled with information that you can’t stop thinking about stuff]

]and it ends up like this[

[all screwed up and what not[

]oops, again]

{wait, wrong ones}

[there we go]


Mind Blank #1

I am currently thinking about the last time that I ate a pop tart. It was a long time ago. Probably two years since I’ve seen one. They were my favorite. The savory feeling of bread in your mouth was nothing compared to the fruit roll ups that I ate. They all seemed to be too short. One of them said, “How are you doing?” So I decided to take a smoke with them. It was fun trading drugs with Artemis Fowl; the war against Holly was plain epic. Of course, if we’re talking about cute boys in books, Ian is supposedly the best. I don’t think so. Because with 39 clues to be hunt down the online game is so corny. I won’t pay a cent to play against you. And no please, I don’t want to pick up a fight because you are no match of mine. My kung Fu skills are so much more advanced than yours. Of course, it’s still a question of whether or not you make it into the academy. I’m in the survival part of it meaning that if I ever get selected for the hunger games. At least I’ll be able to survive unlike someone people who don’t have lives and decided to create egg racism. IF you ever see a brown egg within a bunch of white eggs, eat the brown egg first because the white eggs will destroy the brown egg if you don’t eat it immediately. Of course, brown eggs are tastier to eat. But that’s cannibalism and did you know that if a human eats another human, it has to regurgitate it twice before actually digesting it. Just like cows, and their turds. Cow turds smell like shit. Then again, they are shit. Shit should be sent to the sewer’s office, where you’ll get a detention if you eat gum. They should be picked freshly off the tree. You get the most flavor out of those. But trees should NOT be cut down. They should be cut down and turned into paper and printed into books so that these midgets called kids can go to this thing call school where most of these midget kids also refer to as the equivalent to hell. Of course the only class that’s worth having is sex ed. Don’t get me wrong here. We need little kids to understand why they are born. This means they need to know how to reproduce. If they don’t we’ll be extinct. Just like the dinosaurs. Except people claim they died from a large rock that decided one day to plant hole in the earth. It failed, except for causing chaos. Of course he eventually killed the dinosaurs, but I think they died from pandemic 4. But of course pandemic 1, 2 and 3 aren’t bad games either. They’re just not as good because they’re not as new. If you decide ever to play that game, I suggest you become part of the FBI or CIA so that you won’t be noticed so easily. Then if you ever deicide to join the Mafia, you’ve got background. And never think about dealing drugs without making them 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% drug and the rest tar and cow turds. Remember this it will come in handy one day. And don’t be stupid, you know the truth.

So I told you… about the spel-chec buton.

Graet jobb checing you’re speling


2 thoughts on “Oh that blog post. – Zero To Hero Day 3

  1. I’m in the same boat. I would totally write on my blog if more people read it.
    And regarding another post of yours: study for the SAT AND keep writing. Who says you have to choose?

    Keep writing!

    1. Haha, thank you! I shall keep writing. I suppose I’ve developed a full philosophy on how writing will make me study better, but it would probably bore everyone to death…

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