Hero to Zero

Today is a fateful day for many people in the world, because I’m sure, as you are reading this, many people are taking their last breaths in this world and moving on to the next world, which may or may not be good, depending on which religious idiot you would like to listen to.

Well. Good thing it’s not my last breath. But it is the end of the Zero to Hero event.

How unfortunate.

I think I should be tearing up right now with so many emotions. Oh my god! Thank you for giving me an audience! I’m so happy. *cries*


I do want to mention though that I’ve been promptly slacking off on Zero to Hero since around day 7. Maybe I should rip that Zero to Hero badge off my blog. Oh, I am such a disgrace. *eye roll* But I suppose this makes sense in that I’ve got no feelings toward that event because other than the 20, 30 some new followers I got from it, nothing really changed. It’s a good event. I just haven’t been doing it.


What a tough life.

Hero to Zero? Sounds like me. Except, well, I never was a hero.


365 Day Challenge, Burnt Ever After, 1/31/14

Prompt: Remember yesterday, when your home was on fire and you got to save five items? That means you left a lot of stuff behind. What are the things you wish you could have taken, but had to leave behind?

Oh. Awks. I took everything already.

Well, so be completely honest, if it were really up to me, I’d take the entire freaking house along with everything in it out of the fire and let that damn bitch of a fire burn on empty air. Or carbon dioxide. Woah. New invention idea here – fire the consumes carbon dioxide and makes oxygen?

No way.

That would solve global warming in minutes.

Well, I’ve got to spend more time writing an actual blog post rather answering this question prompt thing. So, peace.

365 Day Challenge, Five Items from a Fire, 1/30/14

Prompt: Your home is on fire. Grab five items (assume all people and animals are safe). What did you grab?

Well, that’s a shame. That poor house. So, what would I grab?

1. My computer

Well, right now I don’t have a computer, but if I did, it’d probably have most of my future novel manuscripts, ideas, writing. I would afford to lose that. A pot of money could only support you for so long. This would be able to support me for a lifetime.

2. My books

I’d drag my whole case of books I must save. They’d all be packed up already, so I’d only need to  pick up the case and run.

3. My rabbit

I’ve got a really old stuffed rabbit that I’ve had for almost all my life. I’d imagine that I would still have it by the time I have my own home. I’m leaving all those memories to burn.

4. My instruments

If I could only drag out all my instruments. I say, if only one, well, I can always by a new piano if it’s too impossible to drag out though it’d be a same to see that ol’ boy go. I’d definitely want my zither. And my flute. And everything else. I’m a little attached really.

5. My technology

I’d assume that I’d have an iPod touch, an iPhone, whatever. That stuff. I think that I can stuff that in my pocket.

So that’s my list. Even though it’s technically a lot more than 5 items. Suits me just fine. I break laws all the time.

The Thieving House: Chapter 1.5

(By: Livi)

Nora was not in the greatest mood right now. Well, for this particular dark hair, green eyed little girl, being in a good mood was a miracle. You would think that for such a great thief, she’d probably should be living in riches and a perfectly well guarded house, but that was the problem.

She wasn’t.

Apparently the people next door had gotten into a bad habit of snatching items from her house, which, mind you, she really couldn’t care less about. Her true stash of stuff was somewhere else, hidden quite safely. But it was still quite annoying. She didn’t like how her neighbors thought they were getting away with it even though they had made a mess in her apartment. They’ve even stopped bothering to clean up after them. Nora overheard their conversation once and it went something like this:

“She doesn’t even know.”


“And she acts like she’s the best thief ever.”

“I know right? And we’ve even left a mess in there.”

More snickers.

“We’ve got to make a bigger mess next time.”

Every time Nora listened to this, she was get even more angry, but the time wasn’t quite ripe yet. She had to find a perfect chance to kick their asses and she would make sure that they would never come back to this town.

They were such a disgrace to the thieving community.

Nora sighed. Tonight, she would stop by the House again. She had saw something last time right before closing that she had really wanted. It was really cleverly hidden and she was sure not many other people knew about it yet. It was a lovely vase made of some sort of sparkly material. Nora was sure it would be worth a fortune.

After she had packed her stuff, Nora walked out of her apartment, making a point of slamming her door so that her neighbors would come over again.

365 Days Challenge, Through the Window, 1/29/14

Prompt: Go to the nearest window. Look out for a full minute. Write about what you saw.

Being the cynic that I feel like right now, I’m just going to outright eye roll and say “Pfft, there’s nothing there but black, black, and black. The moon isn’t even shining.”

I could very well end the post right here, because I’ve very technically answered the prompt already and there is nothing saying that I have to write anything longer than one sentence.

But I’m not.

I’m going to end it right here.

How rebellious am I?

365 Day Challenge, Ode to a Playground, 1/28/14

Apologies for not posting yesterday. I was sick with a cold and my head wanted to explode.

Prompt: A place from your past or childhood, one that you’re fond of, is destroyed. Write it a memorial.

Oh. Why are all these prompts so dark and gloomy?

I’ll write a plaque then. Imagine a box around the following words:

Here lies the grave of a wonderfully beautiful place.

It will be remember for the love it gave.

It will be remembered for the fun that it shared.

For the many joys it brought to little girls and little boys.

Thank you old playground.

May you rest in peace.

365 Day Challenge, Better than Sliced Bread 1/27/14

Prompt: Most of us have heard the saying, “That’s the best thing since sliced bread!” What do you think is actually the best thing since sliced bread?

What’s better than sliced bread? Well, I could say technology, but that’s corny, cliche, boring, and not even necessarily true. So personally, I say how about…. the waffle pan?

Ok. I love waffles. I can say this with absolute certainty. I’ve only recently started eating waffles on a daily basis, but I LOVE THEM. *drools* There is no doubt that to say the waffle pan is the best thing ever. So we just got a waffle pan this Christmas. It was a super awesome Black Friday deal that allowed us to buy two pairs of pants and a waffle pan for $12 total. They weren’t even crappy pants. You really can’t beat that.

I absolutely adore waffles. I really honestly do not know what else to say.

Oh, how about that ironically, I’m not so much of a pancake fan?

A Deceptive Mind: Chapter 1.6

The next morning, Charlotte was brought to the back room of the Emperor’s palace.

The room was much smaller than the grand hall, the ceiling much lower. It was much more dim in there, and the only source of light emanated from a stone table in the center of the round room. The table itself was a lovely transparent jade map of the entire land including both the Hyang and the Choung Empires. Simple colored crystal flags decorated the table top, marking important battles, strategies in planning among other things.

It gave off a mysterious air that Charlotte enjoy thoroughly.

She was led to the table where the Emperor was already standing at, his advisors surrounding him. The guard walked up and notified the Emperor who immediately turned around and welcomed her.

“We’ve been waiting for you for a while. Please, there is an empty spot across the table.” The Emperor gestured across the table to the empty space right across from him. Charlotte nodded and made her away to the other side.

She could feel the eyes of the advisors staring at her, but she ignored them, holding her head up high. She stopped at the spot and looked up at the Emperor expectantly.

“You said you have a solution to HeiLi.” He extended a finger over to a spot in the map labelled with a red marker. Charlotte nodded.

“I do. Would you like to hear it?” Charlotte tilted her head up slightly.

The Emperor nodded. She leaned over and swiped the red marker off of the city.

“HeiLi is located in the valley between two mountain ranges. That makes it hard to invade, but at the same time, HeiLi isn’t a self sufficient city, which makes it easy to cut off and just as hard to defend. Am I right?”

The Emperor nodded. There was nothing special about what she had said so far. Anyone with a map and some common sense would have been able to figure that out.

“The Choung have blocked off either ends of the valley, making sure that nothing gets in and nothing gets out. They have patrols in the mountains, but since assuming the treacherousness of the mountains, there’s not much need to protect that area. Even if you got past the guards, you most likely would get taken out by Mother Nature.”

Charlotte set down a green marker on the mountains on the left.

“This is precisely their weak spot. They won’t be expecting a siege from over the mountain, especially not now, when food is running low.”

The Emperor nodded slightly, getting the slightest hint of an idea.

“Keep going.” He beckoned, realizing that she might actually have a good point. Charlotte nodded with a small frown.

“Now here, I’m not sure how you’ll do it, but you’ll need to find a way to send a message to the people in HeiLi. You need to tell them to attack the guards along the KenZi mountains and escape from over the mountains. This may seem like a suicide mission, but this will be their only hope. The Choung’s lines of forces on the KenZi side are weak enough that your troops would be able to get through, once they get by, it’ll be up to them to get over the mountain and back.”

Charlotte set two more markers at either end of the valley.

“While they’re doing that, we need to draw the attention of the rest of the Choung army. We can’t let let your troops run the risk of being chased by a group of men more than twice their numbers. The attack needs to look like a futile attempt to fight through and save your stranded men. Which is why this plan also can only happen when food is running truly low.”

She looked up at the Emperor, ignoring the low whispers running throughout the room.

“It’s risky and many will die, but this is going to be your only chance to save those men.”

The Emperor stared hard and long at her before he finally gave her a solid nod.

“Order!” He demanded. “We will follow the woman’s plan.”

The Sad Disappearance of The Outlier Collective

I’m a little sad that one of my most adored blogs has suddenly disappeared with no trace at all. What happened to it? I used to enjoy the little posts written about difference issues. I mean, maybe I didn’t really read all of them, and I’ve only been following the blog for about a month or so before it disappeared.

So I’d like to ask what exactly happened.

If you don’t want to go too deep, I’m fine with that. But I need to know if it has to do with this.

That’s all.