How many posts a day shall me make?

I just realized that, even though I’m not ever lacking in ideas or feeling lazy to write, I have to restrict myself to making one and only one post every couple days. Don’t ask me why.

Well, actually, ask me why, because I’ll try to explain right here, right now.

I have a thing with efficiency. If something takes forever to do, it’ll drive me crazy to think of a more efficient way of doing it. Sometimes, there is no more efficient way of doing it. But for some reason, this efficiency thing ties in with the amount of blog posts I chug out in a week.

I believe that all blog posts had a lifespan. There will be period of time where it will be read, discussed about, before it’s considered old. Now with a larger blog with a larger audience, that time may be really long so there’s no way to just wait for each post to be considered old before you move on, but with my blog, I’ve always had this paranoia where if I don’t allow for one post to max out on it’s time as the newest blog post, I would be technically wasting that post.

And that’s not efficient.

It drives me crazy.

I hate it so much.


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