A Deceptive Mind: Prologue

Fog clouded up the sky as screams echoed through the village. Hut after hut burned down and what once was a thriving village, was now nothing more than smithereens. People were running, screaming, being chased by men on horses who swung heavy swords in their hands as if it were a simple task. The command was that not a single person be let go.

No one was to survive.

Crowds of people swarmed through the streets which were once well pruned and sweeped. They were rounded up like animals and slaughtered just simply. Like. That. It was a fateful day. It was one never to be forgotten

The day the Koona tribe was killed marked the end of a long lasting war. It mark a new beginning, a fresh start. There would be no more double-sided traitors. Or mercenaries who didn’t love money. It would just pure war between two sides that would result in a winner.

Except, they never saw the girl coming.

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