The Vicious Wikipedia Cycle

Wikipedia has always been the center of question when it comes to accuracy. They say anyone can edit the page. They say it can be unintentionally inaccurate. They say people might go in and screw around in there.

But that’s all in the past now.

In school, while it’s still a question that needs to be asked whether we’re allowed to use Wikipedia as an official source in any of our research projects, the general consensus is that, yes, Wikipedia can be used (At least at my school. Can’t say for anywhere else.). And if not that, at least it’s allowed to be a good starting point to jump off of.

But that’s not my point here.

I’ve realized that there’s a problem with Wikipedia. While the Wikipedia staff have worked hard to keep everything intact. You can’t help but have on article that might blow up that whole “Wikipedia is safe” idea. And then guess what? Immediately, using Wikipedia in school is no longer a thing. Well, of course until Wikipedia manages to built up everyone’s trust for it. How it’s new foolproof system won’t cause any blow ups again. How they’ve made the site more perfect.

In the end though, it all just ends up in a vicious cycle of blow up after blow up, until, well, until Wikipedia no longer exists.

But this is all just hypothetical stuff and I’m sure that even if this were to really happen, it won’t be until another few years before it does. And maybe then, Wikipedia may have already figured out a foolproof system that can’t be screwed with.

But hey, isn’t that interesting to think about?

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