The Power in Numbers

Power comes in numbers.

I believe in that. To some extent of course. 

If all 7 billion of us humans (plus some animals, if we could train them) all farted at the same time, how many days would it take to clear to air of our wondrous ass methane? And would we be able to hear the fantastical echo of fart around the world for just those gassy 10 seconds?

If we all gathered together in one city and jumped at the same time, would we cause an earthquake? A tsunami? Another continental drift?

If we all took a breath in at the same time, would we be able to lower the air pressure by some significant amount?

Human population has been growing. But we’ve been so isolated and it’s a shame to say that none of these things will ever happen. We would never be able to gather up in such large masses. It’s like wishing for world peace. Sorry child, but the harsh truth is, that’s not going to happen.

So what is the power in numbers?

There is no power in numbers if we aren’t a unit. In the end, it all comes done to becoming a whole. And now I’m sounding like a Zen Buddhist trying to force the “let’s be whole with nature” type deal down your throat. But listen, those Buddhists are smart and they aren’t wrong.

The thing with unison is that once you become part of a group, you no longer stand out. You’re no longer unique. Yes, you are all working towards the same goal, but you’ll be taking the same paths in the same ways and no one is going to remember who you are. I mean, who’s going to be like, “Hey! Do you know [insert name here]? She was the [larger number]th person to do [insert thing here]. I know her because she’s just like everyone else!” 

Yeah. Good luck if that’s your goal in life.

But ironically, while I’m writing this. I’m already counter-arguing myself. There’s that nagging voice in my head that keeps on saying, “Not necessarily!” But I think I’ll leave that part to you.


5 thoughts on “The Power in Numbers

  1. I cannot believe I just spent my precious time reading a post that was introduced with the concept of Simultaneous farting.

    #CallTheMeninWhiteCoats lololololol

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