Oh Lovely Followers

I love you guys all, my little group of followers, but I have noticed that many of you are associated with this Project AWOL. I thank you for expressing interest in my blog, but please, I do not wish to make money blogging. I have no interest in making money via blogging. I am in high school. Go look for someone else to join up for your little moneymaking schemes. I have my own goals in life and they do not include you. I do not believe that everyone would be able to do this Project AWOL and I’m sure I wouldn’t be one who could.

So please. I’d like genuine followers who actually are following my blog because they think that it’s awesome.

Thank you and have a nice day.

(The irony that you will most likely not see this.)


20 thoughts on “Oh Lovely Followers

  1. Sorry to butt in. It is a strange phenomena. They’ve all paid 25$ so have to recoup their losses, I think. I also get the ‘beautiful’ but silent Eastern European avatars who are probably bots. Eventually real people come out the woodwork. I think most bloggers have a stage where they are perplexed by it. It’s a scam run by a 19 yr old. Eventually, if you sign up – you holiday in Thailand with them – for a fee – and learn the secrets of ‘positivity’ or something equally thrilling:)

      1. Hm. Thanks for stating you wouldn’t call it a scam. Because I am apart of Project AWOL and I know my 25 dollars invested is going into not a get rich quick scheme but more of a system made by two humble Entrepreneurs to help create an income while you learn the marketing skill set through blogs…

        So you not only get a system built on a Viral blogging system with Empower Network, I can assure you with my experience through the back office their are a lot of coaching videos as well with valuable education usually learned in a expensive business class… but in my experience with project awol, my mentor followed and coached me before I joined and till this day. He creates HQ videos for me to learn to market and profit with 100% profit directly on my blogs…

        I am not here to sell or promote anything. Just want to share my story as someone fresh inside Project AWOL.

        I’m sure some abuse the marketing strategies inside project AWOL but there are a bunch of us with genuine qualities as a true blogger… you don’t have to buy or sign up for my product or service… but I ask you to follow my blog on my online marketing experience. Project AWOL is not the main subject it is just a chapter in my life story and I am very excited and passionate about my blog… I enjoyed this topic and although some negative comments I stay open minded and respect everyone opinion truthfully.

        -Anh-Tuan Ngo – Definitely not a borg lol.

        1. Haha. Thanks for the comment.

          I haven’t gone too deep into researching Project AWOL so I don’t really want to make any presumptions. I’m sure there are real AWOLers out there that are rather successful. 🙂 But the few that have followed me didn’t quite give me that impression which annoyed me a little (with the exception of one :)).

          But thanks for stopping by and I’ll make sure to check out your blog too! ^_^

          1. Lol. It’s great that you’re passionate. I guess that’s all that really matters.

            The video is great. Thanks for sharing it. 🙂

            Good luck with your business! I hope you well!

          2. Of course! ^_^ To you too!

            (BTW, I must make it clear that my latest post does not refer to truly passionate people like you, so I hope you won’t get deeply offended by it.)

  2. I’ve not heard of Project AWOL… *eyes cross over in head*

    OH, slow on the uptake.. *snorks*

    I’m guilty of being an AWOL – not that I have ever actually asked anyone permission to take leave from my own blog, but I honestly only post about once a month – TWICE if some dork has passed a policy in parliament I don’t like and am outraged… Some of the blogs I follow can go MONTHS without hearing from me. One day, when I’m not racing around after children, working full time, studying full time and can breath I will be looking through my reader and WHAM – the post I needed to read just hits me and I smile and thank God for the day I came across it and clicked follow.

    With some of the blogs I regularly visit, I wont see them for about 5 weeks, then I go in and spend an evening just reading through each post I missed and making comments accordingly (if I have any)

    Either way, I don’t get to read every blog I follow all the time, or even most of the time, in fact, maybe rarely. Hope you don’t hold it against me, and refuse to moderate my comments when I do drop by.. lol

    P.s: I love the snow on this blog and would ask how you did it, if I wasn’t too lazy to implement it..

    #Pretty #Christmas #

    1. That’s completely fine. It just annoys me sometimes when I get a follower and I go check them out.
      And then they just disappear and I never hear from them ever again.
      I’m glad you like my blog though. 🙂
      (And the snow comes from the settings thing on your dashboard, if you ever want to turn it on.)

      1. Oh I have hundreds of them, I’m sure. I couldn’t care less – its kind of like someone who walks down the street and waves at me.

        I’ve never ever felt pressured to follow anyone unless I want to. Basically, unless I have sought out a blog and followed on my own, I never follow or even bother looking at a blog just because they follow me. If they have taken the time to comment on my blogs, or introduced themselves on my ‘What about you.what about me pages’ I will always take the time to interact, respond and see what they personally have on their own pages. If I have the time. If I have an interest in what they share I will follow.

        Either way, like I said, I am hardly ever in here (self confessed slack blogger) and on a personal note, I don’t care what anyone else does. I’m responsible for my own feelings and there is no way I’m wasting them on getting upset over someone who, for whatever reason followed my blog.

        It’s totally not worth it! #Perspective

        Don’t sweat the small stuff Livi!

        Thank you for taking the time to respond to my comments, I appreciate that 🙂 I used to be frustrated if I would take the time to comment and it wouldn’t get acknowledged, but, alas.. it appears I’m over that too now.. lol

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