Compound Words

While we’re eating lunch today, my brother (who is 5) looks up at me and has this mischievous smile on his face. I’m wondering what he’s thinking about when he tells me this:

“Did you know that ‘door’ is a compound word?”

And I’m thinking, really? So I make a funny face at him and ask him,

“Door? Like the thing that can open and close?”

“Of course!” He starts laughing and then he shouts, “It’s ‘do’ and ‘or’!”

Ha ha ha.

Ok, actually, it was very funny. And it got me thinking. Yes, really, door is “technically” a compound word. Along with other like, neighboring (neigh and boring), or settings (set and tings). They are two words put together to make another word that means something else. But no one would ever actually see them as two words separately. And so now, I’m facing a dilemma.

What is the real definition of a compound word?

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