Stingy Memories

I used to be obsessed with tumblr. You can tell by the fact that I had 6 blogs on there.

So I went back to go check it out. And this was on one of my blogs:

So I took out my calculator and randomly typed up a bunch of numbers and got the answer three. So how amazing is that? Like think of the probability that I would have gotten three from completely random numbers. Its probably like one out of infinity. Too many to count. Too too many. Like as in I met this man once a few thousand years ago who decided to count to infinity and he’s not even halfway through right now and he is like going at 5000 numbers a second. Damn. My life hurts.

Jeez… I didn’t know I was so sassy back then as well…


The Thieving House: Prologue

The house appears on the empty lot on the corner of Grant and 32nd st two years ago. One day the lot was empty and the next day it wasn’t. It was as if the house had appeared out of nowhere.

It is a tall extravagant house that grows in size each year, consuming more and more buildings on the block as it expands.

The house is made of glittering golds and flashing silvers. Light gray stones line the wall of the house, stopped only by the deep mahogany frames that outline each dimly lit window. There is one tall door made of wood that smells deeply of pine resin.

There is only one small sign by the front door of the house. Across it is written in fancy script writing:

The Thieving House

Open 8pm – 6am

Admission: $10 for all big and small

Enter at your own discretion

The sign is is set out the day before and tonight will be opening night.

Crowds of people swarm to the house, some brought by curiosity, some by coincidence. There is a tentative buzz in the air as people wait for the grand clock to strike 8, but the general air is pleasant. Adults stand around in shorts and T-shirts, chattering away as they watch their children play. Some chose to be around others, while some sit still and stare at the crinkled bill in their hands, never having handled something of such great worth before.

At 8 o’clock, a great bell rings and attention is drawn to the front door of the House. The lights of the house flicker on and a great light show is presented to the crowd. Breaths are held as a small ticket booth cranks itself slowly out of the ground. A cheery man dressed extravagantly in deep red dances out of the booth to a silent song and booms across the mass in a grand voice,

“Welcome to the Thieving House!” A smile grows across his face as he looks around. “Tonight, admission is free!”

Cheers ring throughout the crowd as parents struggle to find their children and take back their precious bills. The doors of the house open and people begin swarming in.

The inside of the house is as magnificent as the outside, being furnished in pure gold and bright silvers. Red rugs scattered throughout the house. In the center of the lobby there is a sign:


1. All things stolen may be kept

2. Do not touch the traps

3. The Thieving House cannot be held responsible for any injuries

A Deceptive Mind: Chapter 1.2

Hanto found the girl vaguely interesting. He hadn’t seen many women before except for the dancers his father would sometimes hire for a celebration. They were lovely ladies, so nothing about this girl had quite made a lasting impression on him.

But he was about to duel her.

Hanto smirked at the thought. He could beat his own father in a duel, how could this… girl… defeat him? He saw her pale. He saw the emotions in her eyes, and he found it amusing. Hanto didn’t care. It was just another one of those games that his father liked to play and Hanto was in no mood for games today. It would be a quick and easy match, and then maybe he’ll watch her execution later. In Hanto’s eyes, this was completely pointless and it was written all over his face.

“Yes, father.” He bowed slightly before grabbing his sword. He eyed the girl. “Does she had a weapon?”

“I have my own sword.” She replied coldly, unslinging a bundle from her shoulder. She set it on the ground and unwrapped it, revealing a gleaming sword and a bow. She grabbed the sword and wrapped the bow back up.

“Traveling with extra weight I see.” Hanto muttered. What was a girl doing with all those weapons? The girl stiffened at his comment, but chose to ignore it with a small roll of her eyes. Unfortunately, Hanto did not see it.

Hanto drew his sword and took a step back. She drew her’s as well, revealing a long slender sword, light, quick, and fast. It was nothing like his, a big heavy broadsword. But so what? Hanto was strong enough to wield anything quickly.

An advisor that had been in between them stepped back.

“You may begin!” He shouted and the match was on.

Hanto didn’t wait for the girl to move. Chivalry towards your opponent was death for yourself. Hanto wanted to end this fast, as in right now. He ran forward and swung his sword at her. She brought her sword up to block it, but Hanto knew that no one had ever been able to block him. A smirk appeared on his face.

You lose.

The girl was pushed backwards and she slammed into the ground. The sword flew out of her hand and skid across the floor, too far for her to reach. She was struggling to get up and her face contorted into pain. Hanto chuckled. He really was in no mood to play.

He strode over to her and pressed his sword against her neck.

“You just lost.”

The girl stared up at him defiantly, a small smile forming on her face.

“Really?” She taunted and for a moment something sparkled in her eyes.

“Is this even a questionable issue?”

“Oh, it’s very questionable because…” Something flashed before his eyes and Hanto instinctively reached up to block his eyes which luckily saved him from turning blind that day. The girl wrapped her ankles around his leg and dragged him down as she rolled over. Hanto slipped and landed heavily onto his back right next to the girl. The girl grabbed a dagger from her boot and pushed it against his neck, using the weight of her body to press him down. “I think you just lost.”

The whole thing happened too fast. From the moment the girl threw needles at his eyes to the moment he was lying on the ground, with the girl on top of him and a knife against his throat, only a few seconds had passed. This whole match had only taken a minute. And the worst thing of all, Hanto just went from winning to losing in less time than it had taken for him to win.

This was embarrassing.

“Let go of me.” He muttered, feeling slightly uncomfortable, being pressed harshly against the ground, her bright eyes staring so intensely at him.

“Not until you say that you’ve lost.”

Hanto was wordless for a moment.

“I lost.” He finally spat out, his face contorted into disgust. The girl grinned slightly.

“That’s more like it.” She got up from on top of him and faced the shocked emperor. “I think that should do.”

For a moment the entire court was in silence at the they waited for the emperor to respond.

“Take her to a room. We’ll meet tomorrow to discuss things.” He finally said, calling up to servants to take her to a room.

“Thank you.” She said with a slightly bow and turned to walk out.

“Wait!” The girl stopped at the voice and turned around, staring levelly at a disheveled Hanto. “At least leave a name.”


And she left.

How many posts a day shall me make?

I just realized that, even though I’m not ever lacking in ideas or feeling lazy to write, I have to restrict myself to making one and only one post every couple days. Don’t ask me why.

Well, actually, ask me why, because I’ll try to explain right here, right now.

I have a thing with efficiency. If something takes forever to do, it’ll drive me crazy to think of a more efficient way of doing it. Sometimes, there is no more efficient way of doing it. But for some reason, this efficiency thing ties in with the amount of blog posts I chug out in a week.

I believe that all blog posts had a lifespan. There will be period of time where it will be read, discussed about, before it’s considered old. Now with a larger blog with a larger audience, that time may be really long so there’s no way to just wait for each post to be considered old before you move on, but with my blog, I’ve always had this paranoia where if I don’t allow for one post to max out on it’s time as the newest blog post, I would be technically wasting that post.

And that’s not efficient.

It drives me crazy.

I hate it so much.

I hate going to the dentists.

I went to the dentist today.

Nothing special about that except for the inevitable feeling of creeping dread as I try to shake off the feeling that I might get a cavity even though I’ve been good about brushing my teeth.

Going to the dentist is so stressful. You don’t really think about your teeth (of course unless they’ve been hurting) except for when that terrible dentist appointment appears on your calendar. And then, at least I, start feeling nervous.

Why do we, as the most intelligent beings (supposedly) on this planet, have to spend minutes every day to stick a plastic rod full of strands of nylon in our mouths to clean our teeth off? Why is it that we are the only ones who need to do this? Why are we the only ones who willingly have pieces of metal stuck on our mouth just to straighten our teeth, which never seem to grow straight? Why do we all need our very last teeth pulled?

While I was strolling in a park a while back, I stumbled upon a skull of some sorts (rat, squirrel, something like that). It had very obviously been there for a long time and while some of the face was crushed, the mouth was still intact. And there, gleaming in the bright sun, was a row of lovely straight teeth. Oh, and did I mention how wonderfully white they were?

I don’t know if modernization is helping us in terms of evolution. Our jaws are getting smaller, so our teeth don’t fit in our mouths properly. Our diets are different, so our teeth get dirty easier. We live longer, so we’ll need our teeth to last longer. But instead of letting our bodies figure out a solution, we’ve been fixing it ourselves. And so evolution has stopped being able to do its work.

Evolving isn’t just that suddenly the next generation of people will have a certain trait. I wish it were. But evolution requires gene mutations, a realization that a certain mutation works better in a certain environment, and the death of everyone else. Evolution is harsh. Maybe too harsh for the human race to allow for it to work.

Now, I’m not saying that dentists are bad. I mean look, everyone now had beautiful smiles, no more nagging back teeth, no cavities. But do we really need to pay to have good teeth? Can’t we make that sacrifice to evolution? Or change our diets back to the old ways.

I don’t know where I’m going with this.

Just… You know. Teeth.

A Deceptive Mind: Chapter 1.1

She was cloaked in dark red furs that wrapped around her slim body. A tight red tunic with only mid-length sleeves rested tightly against her skin. A short fur skirt, with a slit on the side rustled against her legs, and a pair of long fur boots ran up from her small feet, reaching just below her knees.

She stared at the court without a hint fear, and it was mesmerizing.

“The court of the Hyang do not accept women.” A man on the far side of room finally boomed, his loud voice echoing off the walls of the hall.

They were in a large room, the Emperor’s court. The place was largely furnished with deep red and golden pillars sculpted into the shape of flying dragons. A long scaly body wrapped itself around the pole, it’s menacing head staring down at the court as if it knew what you had done, the fact that you got away with it, and that it was ready to shoot you down.

The floor was made of lovely white marble, polished and re-polished everyday. The walls were painted with bright colors of wars fought and wars won. At the far end with a large throne, made of jade, carved into a dragon spouting fire.

It was simply grand.

“I never said you had to accept me. I only came to give advice.”

The girl took a step forward, her bright green eyes focused brightly on the Emperor.

The man on the throne chuckled, looking to his advisors beside him.

“Do you hear that? A girl wishes to give advice to the Hyang Emperor! I haven’t seen anyone so brave yet. Do you think she’s gone crazy?”

An advisor next to him bow slightly.

“My emperor, this girl surely must crazy.”

The man laughed again. The girl’s eyes began burning with annoyance.

“If you do not need advice, then tell me, what are you going to do about HeiLi?”

The man stopped chuckling and suddenly squinted at her suspiciously.

“Women, how do you know of this?”

The girl smile, laughing lightly.

“How do I know? If I am crazy enough to come and give you advice, then I should at least know something useful. If I’m right, you’ll be out of grain within a month if the situation at HeiLi doesn’t get resolved. Correct?”

The man’s face paled a little. He paused for a moment, thinking. This women, could he trust her? Could he trust a women?

“Hesitant?” The girl asked again, mockingly. “How about the situation at ChanYi? Or the one at GanFang?”

“You know too much.” He growled trying to shut her up. “You know that I may kill you.”

“But you need my help. Or else they’ll win.”

That seemed to have struck a soft spot and the Emperor closed his eyes and leaned backwards, trying to calm himself. An advisor leaned in to whisper something in his ear.

“My Emperor, I say, why don’t we set her up for a challenge?”

“A challenge?”

“Yes. Maybe a duel of some sorts. With someone she would not be able to defeat.”

“Oh? And the consequences?”

“If she wins, we’ll take her. But if she loses…” The advisor drew a line across his throat. The Emperor nodded.

“Very well, we’ll her duel my son then.” He said turning back to the girl, still waiting for his response.

“Have you decided?”

“We’ve decided to give you a… test of worthiness. If you pass, I will consider taking you in. If you fail though… Let us just say, that this maybe the last time you see the sun.”

The girl raised her eyebrow.

“And the test is…”

“Defeat my son.”

The girl paled a little and her fearless eyes began to show a little emotion.

God, I’m dead.

A Sorry Apology?

So after being leaving for vacation for 5 days and being devoid of wifi in that time period, I, of course, arrive home swamped with 200 some college emails asking if this is me, 100 some notifications of all sorts and a couple of other scattered emails. Oh, and one pathetic view on my blog.

Well, I wasn’t asking for any anyways, since I’ve got maybe less than a tenth of a tenth of a tenth of a tenth of tenth of the amount of people on WordPress following my blog. (By the way, I must make it clear that I actually prefer having less followers, because then I don’t have to deal with criticism. And apparently I don’t take that very well…)

But one view was still very pathetic.

And now here I was rushing back to the computer, slightly lacking in sleep because I wasted some of my sleep time trying to think of a proper apology for my puny audience for not being around and not telling anyone about it.

Yes. I’m feeling a little stupid right now.

But it doesn’t matter. Because I’ve realized a little something.

There’s this snazzy thing called a queue (which I, uh, don’t know how to pronounce exactly) that allows you to write posts in advance and then auto-publishes it as a set time. Oh my god! Amazing, right?

That’s not my point.

Actually, I’d like to say that I hate using the queue. I absolutely positively hate hate hate using it. It’s like a locked door to a room that’s been constructed and furnished. Except even though it’s ready for viewing, we’re just going to keep it locked until a later time. And while the viewer doesn’t know about it, it bothers me so much. I get so jumpy and twitchy and hyper for no reason. It’s like all of a sudden, if I don’t publish this post right now, I’m gonna be shunned forever.

But probably a bigger problem with the queue is the fact that it encourages slacking. And for someone who claims (or at least sometimes wishes to be) a full time couch potato, encouraging slacking is not the best idea.

So here I go, rambling on and on again. But you get the point. I don’t like queues. And yes, the title seems to have nothing to do with the post. Maybe.

A Deceptive Mind: Prologue

Fog clouded up the sky as screams echoed through the village. Hut after hut burned down and what once was a thriving village, was now nothing more than smithereens. People were running, screaming, being chased by men on horses who swung heavy swords in their hands as if it were a simple task. The command was that not a single person be let go.

No one was to survive.

Crowds of people swarmed through the streets which were once well pruned and sweeped. They were rounded up like animals and slaughtered just simply. Like. That. It was a fateful day. It was one never to be forgotten

The day the Koona tribe was killed marked the end of a long lasting war. It mark a new beginning, a fresh start. There would be no more double-sided traitors. Or mercenaries who didn’t love money. It would just pure war between two sides that would result in a winner.

Except, they never saw the girl coming.

The Vicious Wikipedia Cycle

Wikipedia has always been the center of question when it comes to accuracy. They say anyone can edit the page. They say it can be unintentionally inaccurate. They say people might go in and screw around in there.

But that’s all in the past now.

In school, while it’s still a question that needs to be asked whether we’re allowed to use Wikipedia as an official source in any of our research projects, the general consensus is that, yes, Wikipedia can be used (At least at my school. Can’t say for anywhere else.). And if not that, at least it’s allowed to be a good starting point to jump off of.

But that’s not my point here.

I’ve realized that there’s a problem with Wikipedia. While the Wikipedia staff have worked hard to keep everything intact. You can’t help but have on article that might blow up that whole “Wikipedia is safe” idea. And then guess what? Immediately, using Wikipedia in school is no longer a thing. Well, of course until Wikipedia manages to built up everyone’s trust for it. How it’s new foolproof system won’t cause any blow ups again. How they’ve made the site more perfect.

In the end though, it all just ends up in a vicious cycle of blow up after blow up, until, well, until Wikipedia no longer exists.

But this is all just hypothetical stuff and I’m sure that even if this were to really happen, it won’t be until another few years before it does. And maybe then, Wikipedia may have already figured out a foolproof system that can’t be screwed with.

But hey, isn’t that interesting to think about?