NaNo Day 5 – Feeling the Hate

I’m not a person to be easily offended, but there’s something about those NaNo haters that really bug me. The fact that they think that NaNo is exploiting the meaning of what a novel is and that becoming an author isn’t an easy thing.

No. Becoming an author is not and easy thing. Since when did anyone think that?

NaNo was simply an ingenious way to introduce people to writing by asking them to write a ridiculous amount of words in a ridiculously short amount of time. Naturally people like challenges and then they go ahead and give it a try. What else is there to the simple philosophy of NaNo?

I’m sure the goal of NaNo is not to say how many books get published through their event. Whether you do anything to your manuscript afterwards is completely up to you. In fact, many people don’t even finish their NaNo. How are we to claim to be novelists if we can’t even finish the event?

Agreed that NaNo may seem a little obnoxious to professional authors. And some probably are thinking “Bitch, I do this shit every day.” Well, bitch, we get to feel you in on this now.

So shut your mouth and be thankful haters. After all, Thanksgiving is coming up soon.

Am right?


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