I’m growing! :)


Please bear with me as I go hide in a corner and freak out from excitement.


The Holiday Dilemma

I know it’s a little early to write about the holidays, but lets be honest, we’re all in the mood already and as a growing teenager, I’m looking forward to Christmas, because every year, I’m hoping for some big surprise gift that going to make me SUPER happy.

But, there one sad fact that I know for sure – that’s not going to be happening.

It’s really unfortunate how progressively expensive the gifts people want get as they age get to be. When you’re 5, maybe you’ll want a $20 train set or some barbie doll. Then when get to maybe age 10, you’ll want a game or two or maybe a CD of music. And now in my teenage years, look at this wish list:

1. iPod Touch ($200) or iPhone ($500)

2. Laptop of my own (around $1000)

3. A Zither (an instrument, for those who don’t know) ($250-400)

Tell me that’s not expensive.

It’s completely ridiculous and I’m not going to lie. I wish that I had something cheaper on this list, but that is the simple truth. I’m not going to ask my parents for anything on here, because the money they spend on college and school, well, it’s enough to say that I don’t need to be a jerk and ask for more. So I guess all I can do is look at pictures and drool while I wait for a day where I can buy any one of those three things with my own money.

Until then, I guess Santa being real is my only hope.

Haters are SO Mature *eye roll*

I was surfing the web for other writing site just see what else was out there and I found this one: Miss Literati. The site was beautifully built and to be honest, it was tempting. But unfortunately, the site seemed to be aimed rather towards romance and girls. Not only that, the first thing I saw on there under new works was this: I HATE COSMICREBELL.

Oh. Wonderful.

The second thing I see is this: I HATE YOU!

And the third thing I see is this: I hate XXGLITTERNINJAXX!!!

Can I only comment on how wonderfully mature this site seems to be?

I’m so glad to be on Protagonize…

Tips for Non-NaNo Writers: A November Survival Guide

Soo true… Heartfelt buddies here.

Bare Knuckle Writer

As promised, part two of my Survival Guide to NaNoWriMo. Part One, for Participants, is over here. This time, pull up a sideline chair and get the popcorn. Here’s how to make it through the month when it seems like everyone around you is obsessed with plot bunnies and word counts.

1) Breathe. Don’t get caught up in the hype/panic. That shit is contagious. Hang around enough stressed out people and you’ll feel stressed even if you’re not doing anything. Avoid this bullshit—since stress is probably half the goddamn reason you’re not doing NaNo to begin with—and remember to take a deep breath. Or get a drink. Both help.

2) Do Other Shit. Not doing NaNo? This looks like a great time to reorganize your office. Or get a head start on your holiday shopping. Or finally make some headway on the ninja-training-for-dogs program. Bonus points: you get to brag…

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NaNo Day 12 – Mind Blanks

The worst enemy of almost every NaNoer is their inner editor – that little voice that keeps on nagging you about the fact that that last sentence that you just wrote was, to be straightforward, complete shit. And the issue with this little editor? Wasted time.

Especially for people like me who are still in school and anyone else really, no one has the time to just spend all day writing 1666 words, perfected and corrected. No one would have the patience anyways. (And now, I know I’m generalizing, but let’s just assume the majority for now.) So that inner editor that tells you how bad a sentence is, is now the worst thing ever.

Some people lose energy halfway into their NaNo because, well, because that inner editor is telling them that their novel is horrible and that they should just stop. After all, what is the point of spending all this energy if your just going to end up writing crap?

Luckily, I’ve learned to completely ignore that editor with a neat little trick. I completely blank my mind and just write, with a hint of what I’m suppose to be writing in my head. It’s quite effective in word sprints and getting words out quickly, but it has deemed my NaNo’s, unfortunately, quite terribly written. The writing is horrible and usually you can tell because I end up with huge chunky paragraphs that tell way more than show. But hey, we’ve got NaEdYoNoMo right?

(And yes, I know, this has been like the 6 NaNo post. I’m just really into this ok?)

NaNo Day 10 – Catching Up

I don’t like the feeling of catching up. It’s the need to do extra work or to work faster because you weren’t on top of things that makes me dislike it so much.

So I’m ahead in my NaNo (as you may already know) but I’m still trying to maintain the 1666 words a day everyday. Because even though I could afford to not write for a couple days, it still doesn’t feel good to just suddenly loose my extra words for no particular reason. It’s also a good way not to get myself into the uninspired mindset early off.

But this weekend I’ve been putting things off a little and I had to do some catching up. So instead of writing 1666 words a day for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I wrote maybe 88, 2066, and 2950 some words for each day.

Some major catch up work for me.

And if you were curious, I’m currently at 22,381 words, almost 6000 words ahead (5715 to be exact).

NaNo Day 7 – Getting Ahead of Schedule

It’s day 7 of NaNo and I’m proud to say that I’m up to date. In fact, I am around 5000 words ahead of schedule. Life is great right now. But the question is, how much longer am I going to be able to keep this up?

And that’s why I’m so far ahead now.

Even though I’ve only done one other NaNo before (which I won, mind you), I’ve had enough experience to tell you that, like everyone else, I get those writing blues starting mid second week through week 3. And it sucks.

So my plan? Take action before the negative reaction. (Haha, like that rhyme I made there?)

I suppose I could try to pull off another one of those miracle days where I wrote 15k in one day. But I’m not counting on that. So let’s see how much words I can gather before I start loosing steam…